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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 23rd and 30th June 2017


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Hannah – Year 5 – For a beautifully written and presented poem about World War II

Sonny – Early years – For super duper maths work

Stanley – Year 1 – For fabulous independent writing

Archie – EYFS – For super independent writing with great phonics skills

Sebastian – EYFS – For outstanding independent writing with amazing phonics skills

Isobel – Year 3 – for stunning descriptive language in her retelling of Dinosaur time


Attendance awards went to class 8, 12 and 14, who all achieved 99% this week.


Diary of the week:

We have had a few visitors over the last week or so as our assessments have been moderated by the Local authority.  This is really positive because it is evidence that our assessments of the children are accurate and reflect how well they are doing.  Key Stage 1 were moderated for reading, writing and maths and a really good professional dialogue took place.  Key Stage 2 were only moderated for writing, as reading and maths are formally assessed at the end of Year 6.  Again, this was a very positive experience. We are pleased with the results in all year groups this year.


Some of our older children enjoyed competing in the district sports competition on Wednesday afternoon. Despite not placing, Mr Leyshon commented on the children’s abilities and how close they were to gaining medals. However, as a school, it is about taking part that counts. The children fun, competed well and we were all really proud of their commitments and representing ‘TEAM GB’ with true spirit.


This last week, has been particularly busy! Teachers have been busy writing their end of year reports. In addition, myself and the leadership team have been completing learning walks to assess the teaching and the learning that children receive throughout a busy day at Greasley Beauvale! The teachers are working incredibly hard and the children get a ‘very good deal’. We are so proud of our school, staff and children.


Amongst a very busy week, we have also managed to maintain the ethos of the school, ensuring that children learn well but also have fun! Many of the children were awarded for their 100% attendance this week. We celebrated with a fun afternoon of inflatables, bouncy castles, floating basketball nets and more…the rain did not manage to spoil the fun! It was also fabulous yesterday, to send my ‘Golden Tickets’ inviting all the children to my leaving party at the end of the term. I couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate my reign here…with the children J


The final gold book of the year was today and what a great celebration it was! The next set of awards will be the ‘Governor’s Award’. We look forward to seeing who the selected children are.


Have a fabulous weekend! I can’t believe the heating has been kicking in this week so let’s hope for some sunshine!