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Head Teacher's Blog


It has been very busy this week in school. We have been working really hard on making further connections with the school community, parents and new starters. This week we had a ‘New Starters’ tour and this took place with Miss Manson (SENDCo) and I.


We were very proud with what we saw as we walked around school and so were our lovely parent and carer visitors. We saw all our children at their absolute best – VERY friendly and welcome. EYFS was so calm, and the phonics and fine motor groups were so good to watch. The corridors were a buzz of creativity and drive and children walking to assembly were an asset to the school (Year 1). Staff were REAL and funny and there was no show – I don’t even think people in the building knew a tour was due.


On the same day, we also had parents in for a phonics workshop and they too were enthusiastic and positive about the school too. Everything I was talking about was witnessed as I walked around (just like Ofsted all over again a year on!) The place looked great too! Everyone and everything was amazing (just how they/it should be!)


One perspective parent, who walked round, emailed me when she got back to work. She loved the school and the ethos. She was torn between us and another school before she arrived – they chose us! J


Our next tour is Monday 21st November to anyone who is reading this from the community 😊


Next week we have much more to look forward to. Don’t forget your odd socks on Monday as it is ‘No Outsiders’ week and we celebrate ‘Reach out’ and differences.


Have a good weekend everyone,


Mrs Bates