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Week Ending 1st April 2022



A very positive final week in school as children end their Explore Term. This term, all the children’s learning has been based on geography themes. Teachers have used the National Curriculum to plan in such a way that has allowed the learning to be deeply focused on these topics and areas. Children have enjoyed learning about the Rainforest, national disasters, trade, their locality, continents and sea around the world…and MORE!


Next term, the children enter into the Create term, whereby they will study and learn through art, design and technology and music. More of the performing arts J Next term is more practically-based and children will learn skills that will help them to develop creatively and nurture, develop and grow new talents. I can’t wait to see the work and creative pieces develop.


Thank you to all the parents, who attended one of our final virtual parents’ evenings. We have enjoyed working remotely. However, we also think some time has been missed seeing you in school over the last two years and you must be eager to see your child’s work in their books. Before the end of the year, we will be consulting with you about your thoughts around the virtual parents’ evenings V’s in-house, face-to-face meetings.  


A reminder that next week is the start of the Easter holidays and we return to school on Tuesday 19th April 2022. Enjoy the break and keep safe and well.


A reminder of the following link if you need advice on how to support your child over the holidays Local mental health advice and help for young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. | NottAlone


Have a great holiday. I will be thinking of you all! Enjoy making memories where you can. Let’s pray for some sunshine J


Mrs Bates