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Week Ending 11th March 2022



Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:


Freddie – Red 1 – For his amazing work during phonics. He tried so hard to read ‘ure’ words and blew everyone’s socks off with his independent writing – well done!


Olivia – Red 2 – For her fantastic work in phonics. She has been focussed and tried her best – as usual! She has even remembered capital letters, finger spaces and a full stop in her writing this week.


Oliver – Violet 1 – got a ‘shout out’ in Rainbow Rewards today for a piece of writing this week, which gave me goosebumps! Such a revised attitude to learning and dedication to want to do well and end Year 6 on a high! Well done, Oliver – proud of you!


I have had a super week in school this week. I taught in Year one towards the latter end of the week and the lessons have been interesting and fun! I have enjoyed writing stories with them the most and hearing about the adventures of hats, gloves, socks and sticks in imaginary worlds.


A team of teachers and leaders continue to drop into lessons weekly as we look at good ‘behaviour for learning’. This is more about the attitudes ‘towards learning’ and the passion to want to do well and continually improve and apply ourselves. Some of the great things we are seeing include:


  • Children actively participating in questions, challenges and discussions
  • Children actively listening when their peers or teachers are talking
  • Children seeking out resources to support them through an activity or task
  • Children using the teacher’s scaffolding or modelling to support their learning
  • Children uses prior knowledge and skills to support their learning moving forwards
  • Children asking for support when they need it, but the teacher not being the first ‘port of call’
  • Children using working walls or their knowledge organisers to develop their work and curiosity


We have openly spoken to the children about ‘behaviour for learning’ and they know what we are looking for so far. There have been improvements from the children, and we are proud of them. We aim to keep getting better and better.


This week we have employed a new teacher to teach Green 2 when Mrs Bowen goes off on maternity leave next Friday. She will be a job share with Mrs Bailey (Deputy Head Teacher) and starts on Wednesday 23rd March. We look forward to Miss Dobb starting our team, and I know the children are impressed already as they helped the leadership team with the interview process.


Have a great weekend everyone! Keep checking for those Covid signs, and we do have chicken pox in school so be vigilant.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates