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Head Teacher's BLOG!

Week Ending 28th January 2022



Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:


Toby – Orange 1 - For a fantastic improvement in his writing. Toby has been reluctant to write in the past but is now writing independently, applying his phonics and using his checking time grid.


Paisley – Orange 1 - For a huge improvement in her attitude to writing. She is now using her phonics independently and checking the grapheme grid if she is unsure.


Isaac – Orange 1 - For amazing effort with his writing. He tried really hard to remember finger spaces and to apply phonics skills.


Harry – Orange 1 - For fantastic independent writing about the class dragon. He tried hard to spell the tricky words they have been learning.


Alfie – Orange 1 - For a brilliant attitude to the independent writing about the class dragon. There was no stopping him


After teaching in three classes throughout the week, I would also like to provide a big shout out this week to the following children who have stood out to me personally:


Isaac – Green 1 – For exceptional determination when using base ten equipment to support with his maths. He never gave up and the smile said it all at the end of the lesson.


George and Harry – For very mature responses during PSHE work about how to assess and manage potential dangers, risks and hazards in day-to-day life.


Imogen, Noah Ke, William and Finley – Indigo 1 – For working really hard to use exciting vocabulary, expanded noun phrases and adverbial phrases when writing a sequel to a story.


‘Elvis’ the chipmunk (with his wonderful sweeping brush) has been in covid outbreak management this week. He will be out again next week checking on classroom tidiness and cleanliness around school.



Thank you so much to a pleasing number of parents for the recent interest in becoming a Governor. Being a governor is a valuable part of school life and we look forward to getting more people involved with the governing body. Governors support with strategic developments within the school and support and challenge leaders about the future developments of the school. I look forward to working with a larger governing body over future months and years.


Thanks also for the interest in the idea of a new gardening group within school. We look forward to developing the grounds, potting more plants, working on the greenhouse and much more…Mrs Wright will be in touch with a plan soon.


Some very positive feedback from Coach Jimmy Jumpshot about Indigo 2, Year 2 and the afterschool basketball club this week. More than worthy of sharing and makes us very proud...


Dear Mrs. Bates,

we had an outstanding day of basketball at your school today 26/1/2022.

I spoke to a Year 5 class, and the after-school club, regarding "What are the qualities that make a good leader?" I have attached the answers which they gave. We challenged ourselves to try to be the type of person who displays these qualities every day.

All through the day, we had exceptional effort being given from highly motivated children who wanted to learn and do well in Year 2 and 5. I was also made to feel welcome in the school by children who passed me in the hallway.

I found it interesting that both groups I spoke to said 'courage' was an important quality and one of the groups said 'forgiveness'. I photographed the contributions for your review.

Keep in mind, during the afterschool there were only 8 children, so I was getting multiple engagement from some students. The class I took outside were also a pleasure to work with. Even though it was quite cold they were highly motivated and enthusiastic.

Thank you to all the teachers who supported me today.

Looking forward to next week. Sincerely,

Coach Jimmy Smith

Basketball Development Officer



We hope that you all have a great weekend. I’m off to the Peaks this weekend with family. Enjoy your weekend making further memories.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates