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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 26th May 2017

This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:

Alfie – Year 4 – for consistently achieving 50/50 in the Year 4 spelling test and challenging himself to try the Year 5 test, achieving 46/50.


Diary of the week:

What a super week we have had in school and how wonderful it is to see the sun shining!  I really hope that this continues for us all into the half term holiday.

This week, key stage 1 children have continued to sit their standard assessment tasks and we have been really impressed with their positive attitude and hard work.

I have started my rehearsals with the year 6 children ready for the graduation ceremony.  Already they are singing beautifully and I know that you are in for a ‘right treat’.  They have been making me laugh, but I don’t want to spoil the production by telling you about it!

I know that Mrs Bates wrote about the new website last week, but I have to add to that.  I think it is great and it is so much better to use!

Yesterday we had a day of mixed emotion.  At 11am we all went out onto the school field to have a minutes silence to think about the people of Manchester and the ordeal they have had to endure.  The children walked onto the field impeccably.  The level of respect and empathy was almost overwhelming and it saddens me that our children have these experiences in their young lives.  At the end of the silence, we chose to applaud in an attempt to send positive thoughts particularly to the children, young people and their families.  A memorable moment.


In the afternoon, we were back on the field, full of excitement and enthusiasm for our annual sports day.  This was a huge success and I know that you will join me in expressing my sincere appreciation to Miss India Marvin for ensuring its success!  Having the three activities meant that none of the children were sat for too long in the glorious sunshine and that their time in the arena was focused and well spent.  The children all also enjoyed the ‘potted sports’ activities and of course the time spent in the ‘athletes village’ enjoying juice and a biscuit.  It was great to see so many of you there and thank you for your patience when moving the children from one event to the next.  A perfect afternoon. 

As usual gold book was great this morning and it was lovely to see the of light blue as children were all in their summer uniforms.  We have ended the half term with a jolly good sing along. A super end to what has been a fabulous half term.


Have a great holiday and we will see you on Wednesday 7th June.