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Week Ending 10th September 2021


Current attendance results, from September, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is slightly below the national average at 94%


1st place goes to violet 2 for 99.76% attendance.

2nd place goes to Blue 1 for 98.66% attendance.

3rd place goes to violet 1 for 98.5% attendance.


Current attendance results, for this week, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is in line with National percentages at 96%

1st place goes to violet 2 for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Blue 2 for 99.64% attendance.

3rd place goes to Orange 2 for 99.19% attendance.


Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:


Summer Inger – Orange 1 – For fantastic learning. Summer was able to find all the objects in the eye-spy investigation station


A great first full week back in school. The children are engrossed in their new learning for the ‘Discover term’ (history based) and the new enquiry questions are beginning to be discussed, debated and leading learning. I have visited all classes most days and it is lovely to see the children engaged in their learning and enjoying time with their new teachers.


Children look smart and presentable, and the uniform policy is being used and followed very well. This has included PE kits, and I am pleased to say that no child yet has had to be provided with spare kit due to not wearing the right sports kit – thank you for following policy everyone! The children look really smart and it sets the right tone and expectation for school’s high expectations.


Today, we had Rainbow Rewards for the first time in the hall together since March 2020 and it was delightful to see everyone together. The Rainbow Values had been remembered exceptionally well by the children and these were discussed at length. Our new Reception children joined us for a short time and they will learn them over time. For now, due to restrictive precautions, we are not able to invite parents and carers in for Rainbow Rewards. However, this will resume as soon as we know that cases have lowered across the area. We can’t wait to have you back in in groups for such events and parental engagement activities.


A reminder of our rainbow Values:


Respect and acceptance – “Being ready, respectful and safe in everything we do”

Active body and active mind – “Take ownership over your physical and mental wellbeing”

Inclusive yet individual – “Embrace diversity and be proud of who you are”

Nurture, develop and grow – “Persevere and take risks with your talents and potential”

Believe in yourself – “Be confident in your choices”

Overcome your obstacles – “Be brave, show resilience and challenge yourself”

Wonder and curiosity – “Ask questions and seek answers”


At Greasley Beauvale Primary School, you are “Learning for Life” to “Paint Your Own Rainbow


Have a great weekend everyone!


Warmest wishes,

Mrs Bates