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Head Teacher's Blog

Welcome Back


Dear Parent and Carers,


Firstly, welcome back to the academic year of 2021-2022 and most importantly the autumn term with everyone back to school. I truly hope that you have a restful and enjoyable summer. I have visited all the classrooms over the week, and it has been amazing to see all the children back safe and well.


This week, we really have started to experience some normality! It has been fabulous to see classes and year groups playing with each other in the playground; lunch times taking place in the hall with more children; assemblies with the whole school and singing. The children have loved it, and everyone has started to feel a sense of community and teamwork again. Thank you to all your wonderful children for adjusting to the change so well and coming back to school with excitement and enthusiasm.


Life in school feels more energetic and it has been lovely to see everyone back together again. Yes, school drop offs and picks ups are busier. However, this is how it used to be, and we too are adjusting to the change. Removing the staggered times to the day really have helped children to get into school at the same time so that lessons can start swiftly without children drifting through over a half an hour period.


A reminder that classroom doors open at 8.45am to allow the children to come in gradually; the official register is at 8.50am and doors close at 8.55am. After this time, the children will need to walk back round to the school office, where they will be registered and unfortunately be marked as ‘late’.


PE kits so far are going well. Children have started genuinely well with the correct kit, and I am impressed with how smart they have looked. Thank you! A reminder that the jumper or outerwear should also be of school colour with no markings or branded names please. Overall, I am very impressed, and the children are settling into the new school rules, expectations and guidance exceptionally well.


I wanted to congratulate Miss Brown on her wedding over the summer. She is now ‘Mrs Bowen’ – working in Year 3 and is currently enjoying married life and getting used to her new name (as are the staff and children). In addition, we welcome back Mrs Clarke and Mrs Bold from maternity leave. We are pleased to have them back in the Year 2 and Reception teams.


In other exciting news, we would like to congratulate Mrs E Clarke (Year 5) as we can now share that she too is going to become a mother and is due to her have first child in March 2022. We are very excited for her and wish her all the luck as she moves through her pregnancy. Obviously, we are still within a pandemic, and she does have a risk assessment in place. Therefore, she will be wearing a face covering, trying to keep her distance where possible and limit contact at the door. Please consider this during though key times of the day and get in touch with her via class Dojo wherever possible. Thanks for the understanding in advance.


This week, we have welcomed our new reception starters for half day visits and from next week, they will be in school full time – they have been great so far and a fabulous bunch to join our school.


I am very proud of how children and staff have returned to school, and we are in for a great year.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Bates