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Week Ending 23rd July 2021


Current attendance results, from September, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is in line with the national average and consistent at 96.6%%


1st place goes to Green 2 for 98.16% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 1 for 97.98% attendance.

3rd place goes to Indigo 2 for 97.64% attendance.


Current attendance results, for this week, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage has remained slightly low at 92.5%


1st place goes to Green 2 for 98.96% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 1 for 96.50% attendance.

3rd place goes to Indigo 1 for 95.68% attendance.


Head Teachers’ Awards this week go to:


Jenson – Red 1 – For applying his super shape knowledge to create Grandpa’s bed and quilt.


Benji – Red 1 – For trying so hard to follow instructions in phonics and for beautiful letter formation.


Evie-Jade – For super sentence writing and fantastic reasoning.


Jenson – Red 1 – For trying is absolute best in phonics and being a professor perseverance.


Liam – Yellow 1 – For making excellent progress in writing. He is writing on the lines, using finger spacing and excellent punctuation. He wrote a great letter the other day that also included him placing the address accurately.


It was great to hear that the Year 3 trip to Colwick Park went well last Friday. Like the Year 2’s, they enjoyed the great outdoors and the adventurous activities on offer. They took part in activities that tested their abilities and skills in many areas and allowed them to work on team building skills also. Despite the hot weather, they were very excited to be going out into the open; leaving the school building; getting on a bus for the first time in a long time and venturing out to take part in a great adventurous day out. Thanks to the Year 3 team for organising the trip and taking park, and to Mrs Beddoe who also went to support the team in a time of increasing absence due to COVID isolations. I saw the children as they came back to school, and they had beaming smiles and said how much they enjoyed the day! What a great way to end a week as we approach the end of term. Year 6 also look forward to their trip on Monday.


A super start to the week as we started with ‘Freedom Day’. Remember to take a look at the guidance that was sent over last weekend. This detailed your responsibilities as parents to inform Test and Trace of you or your child’s ‘close contacts’ from now on. We of course can support, but we no longer have the right to close bubbles, unless in the case of an outbreak. Unfortunately, many children and staff were still in isolation this week. Despite more ‘freedom’, this has still not gone away yet and we all still need to be careful.


On Tuesday, the school building felt a little quieter as the Year 6 children were at Hall Park Academy (or other school) as part of their transition into secondary life. I believe they enjoyed the day and were responsible for their own journey to and from home. We are very proud of them and hope that the last few days at Greasley go well for them.


This week, in school, there were other transition events taking place for the children moving up to new teachers. This of course could not involve crossing bubbles. Therefore, we managed live TEAMS events with new teachers, writing letters to each other and discussions amongst the adults about their new class and children. I cannot believe we now only have a week to go!


In other news, Mr Leyshon has become a father for the third time. On Wednesday, Mrs Leyshon gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He weighed in at 7lbs 1oz. Mother and baby are doing well and we welcome baby ‘Harrison Benjamin Leyshon’ to Team GB. Congratulations, Mr Leyshon and we cannot wait to meet the wee little one.


This week, I have wrote out to parents and carers regarding the plans for September – the things we intend to change and what we have learnt and will keep the same. We were pleased to be sending out good news that a level of ‘norm’ can be regained and that positivity was shared. It was so nice to receive messages of joy and thanks and one email made me very proud and happy…


Hello Mrs Bates,


I hope you're well. Sorry for emailing you as I appreciate your inbox is probably packed, but I just wanted to say how lovely it was to receive the September plans letter. 


I understand it could be very much subject to change but the thought of a 'normal' year for the children and the staff made me feel emotional and hopeful. 


I also just wanted to say a big thank you to you, and the school as a whole for what I feel has been excellent communication and handling of the pandemic as a whole from the school. I don't envy the decisions you have had to make at times but I feel it's been handled admirably. 


Thank you again, and I hope you and your family have a great summer holiday.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Warmest wishes,

Mrs Bates