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Head Teacher's Blog

Dear Parents and Carers,


The government has announced that from 19th July 2021, there will be significant changes around Covid-19 and the measures that currently exist. The government guidance for schools from this month onwards has just been released, and we are now using this to plan for the new academic year in September. We will be able to make some adjustments and relax a few things around our school, but we will be in contact with all of the details for the new academic year as soon as possible.


For the final week and a half of this term, beyond the 19th July, we have taken the decision not to make any instant changes. This is an option given to schools by the DfE. The systems we have in place will exist until the end of this term.


For now, all measures (isolation periods, staggered starts, one way system, PE kits, masks etc) will remain in place until the day we break up on the 28th July 2021. To make any large-scale changes for the few days of term seems unwise and may lead to confusion for all concerned, and an additional layer of risk.


Continue to keep safe and well.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Bates