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Week Ending 2nd July 2021


Current attendance results, from September, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is in line with the national average at 96.78%%


1st place goes to Green 2 for 98.17% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 1 for 98.16% attendance.

3rd place goes to indigo 2 for 97.92% attendance.


Current attendance results, for this week, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage has dipped slightly to 93.19%

1st place goes to Indigo 2 for 99.0% attendance.

2nd place goes to Indigo 1 for 96.47% attendance.

3rd place goes to Blue 2 for 95.65% attendance.


Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:

Mason – Violet 1 - For being a superstar at learning many new words by sight. He has remembered all of the words from day one and can now read sentences using these words confidently. We are adding more words each week and Mrs Blackbourn can’t keep up!


A busy week in school with further sports days, completion of the phonics assessments and children beavering away through the curriculum. I am very proud of how the children continue to work through this pandemic and the restrictions that we have had to put in place.


Today, it was very exciting as the year 2 children have been to the Adventure Centre at Colwick Park and their day has entailed canoe rafting, being around the fire pit and completing a scavenger hunt! I am sure the Year 2 staff will share their experiences very soon, but I felt real pride this morning watching them go off for an adventure day, when life has been very different for the last two academic years. Thanks to all the staff and parents, who made the visit possible.


Today, we had a different type of experience from ‘Picture News Day’, with presenters and many different schools from around the country. The day involved discussions around pictures and learning based on the British Values. The children were introduced to the concept of the ‘World Alternative Games’ and were involved with interviews, discussions and debates. It was lovely to see the children part of a countrywide event and engaging in such open discussions within class. Thank you to Mrs Padley for organising.


A reminder that Monday is INSET Day, where we will be working on our curriculum for 2021-2022. We will see you all again on Tuesday 6th July 2021. 


Have a great weekend, everyone!



Warmest wishes,

Mrs Bates