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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 30th April 2021


Current attendance results, from September, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is above the national average at 97.25%


1st place goes to Green 2 for 98.55% attendance.

2nd place goes to Yellow 2 for 98.33% attendance.

3rd place goes to Indigo 2 1 for 98.09% attendance.


Current attendance results, for this week, are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is above the national average at 97.69%


1st place goes to Red 2 and Green 1 for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Violet 1 for 99.62% attendance.

3rd place goes to Yellow 2 1 for 99.69% attendance.


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Maddison – Orange 2 – For producing beautifully presented and developing writing. The progress since September has been amazing and we are so proud of the changes...writing on the lines, letter formation, punctuation, use of phonics and more! :)


Amelia - Red 2 - For her fantastic attitude towards her learning. She follows instructions really well, takes on advice and is just so helpful. On top of all of this, she is producing a superb piece of independent writing almost every day! :)


Bethany - Red 2 - For her super independent writing, and her ability to apply her phonic knowledge to make her work the best it can be! :)



A hard working work in school this week. We have had to have a few reminders about school rules and the behaviour ladder, but on the whole a great week with some super work being produced.


A school improvement area has been writing since January and the children have been making some super progress...I think the Head Teachers' Awards show that well. Good work, children! 


A bank holiday weekend this week. So, we will see you on Tuesday. Enjoy the break and keep warm!


Mrs Bates :)