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Head Teacher's Blog

Well, today is the last day of the partial school closures; the last day of home learning for many parents and children and the last day (for now) that we have to arrange and organise blended learning. We cannot wait to have all of the children back on Monday and start the recovery beyond another national lockdown and time away from school, teachers and peers. 


We have been planning since it was announced that children could return to school on the 8th March, and we aim for the children to recover from this period of instability both academically, emotionally and socially. 


I am so proud of the whole school community for the work and efforts that have gone into school life (whether at home, school or both). As a mum, I have felt the pressures too and we have all had to make this work to the best of our abilities. It hasn't been easy, but there is now an end in sight as we start on the roadmap out of lockdown. 


Of course, school life is still not 100% 'normal' and we still have the follow the protective measures that have been put in place to keep children safe. However, children can return to school, see staff again, have their learning in a classroom and reunite and build friendships with their peers. 


We politely ask that you continue to follow the Government guidance and refrain from playdates, parties, picnics in groups, crowds at the school gates etc to help keep the school community safe. Too many children have spent too long away from the school building already. The last thing we want, when children return, is for cases to rise and bubble closures to start again! I'm sure you don't want this as parents either. Thank you doing what you can to prevent the spread of the virus. 


We hope that this weekend brings more sunshine and a smile as you prepare for the return. 


Have fun together and see you all soon. I can not wait to see you all again :)