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Head Teacher's Blog

Following our school closure this week, I wanted to remind families to ‘be kind to yourselves and do your best’. Yes, we have expectations from the Department of Education to follow, and children are expected to work from home. However, we also understand how difficult it can be. Remember that in school, a lesson lasts for a set amount of time, and when that time is up we move on. We supply a suggested daily timetable to support you with your day at home. However, please make this work for you. You may want to alter the timings of the lessons, or order of activities to do. PLEASE be easy on yourself and reduce some of the pressure. The work does need to be completed, but do your best in the time you have and make it work for you at home. Teachers will contact you if they don’t hear from you, but if you upload what you can, when you can, they will know you are coping and know you are ok. If not, then tell us and we are here to help! GOOD LUCK!