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Week Ending 17th December 2020


Current attendance results are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is consistent at 97%


1st place goes to Green 2 for 98.22% attendance.

2nd place goes to Yellow 2 for 98.06% attendance.

3rd place goes to Indigo 2 for 98.02% attendance.


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Riley – Blue 2 – For working really hard to produce an accurately labelled diagram of the water cycle in science and for always trying his hardest with his presentation – it looks amazing! Well done!


Rylan – Green 2 – For producing a very complicated and creative box mechanism for a pop-up Christmas card. It was very intricate for a child in year 3 and the outcome of the final Christmas card design will be amazing!


A brilliantly festive week in school so far. We saw the Key stage 1 and reception children have their Christmas lunch today, and I have seen many festive preparations towards Christmas videos, virtual shows, rhymes and readings etc… it has been amazing.


Thanks for the support with the film nights across school. They raised over £600 and the raffle was another success. There was over £900 raised and as we start the new year, we will begin to consider the start of a new school library. Thank you so much!


Thank you to those of you who booked in for a virtual parents meeting with teachers this week. For those who joined, I have had positive feedback and the teachers also said how successful the use of TEAMS was for such discussions. Thank you again to those of you who join in. We are pleased that the first virtual experience of a term’s review was effective and timely. Thank you again for the support.


Tomorrow is Christmas jumper day and we cannot wait for more surprises.


Warmest festive wishes,


Mrs Bates

Head Teacher