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Week Ending 13th November 2020


Current attendance results are as follows:


Whole School Percentage is now consistent at 96.8%


1st place goes to Indigo 2 for 98.24% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 1 for 98.11% attendance.

3rd place goes to Orange 1 for 97.99% attendance.


A busy week in school and lots of great work happening across the year groups. I am most impressed by the children’s resilience, patience and ability to cope during these difficult times as children isolate, and bubbles are sent home. Thank you to those who are supporting their children through it all and really trying your best too.


Unfortunately, I heard of a dispute this morning on Dunster Road. Once again, this was over parking during the school run and an argument between a lady and gentleman. The argument escalated to loud aggressive swearing apparently and children were in ear shot. Please be mindful of the children during the school run, residents, issues with parking close to school and language in the community. This is not something we can police or enforce, but I kindly ask you to ‘take a breath’ when dealing with issues and consider the people around you, especially the children! Thank you.


Today was Children in Need and thanks for all your support and donations. School raised £302.71 and what a great cause to send that money to.


Thank everyone and take care.


Warmest regards,


Mrs Bates

Head Teacher