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Week Ending 9th October 2020


Current attendance results are as follows:


Whole School Percentage has risen again this week from 97.06% to 97.12%


1st place goes to Green 1 for 98.82% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 2 for 98.04% attendance.

3rd place goes to Orange 1 for 97.93% attendance.


We are very proud of these percentages and it shows that even during a global pandemic we are seeing the importance of being at school, despite the worries and anxieties. Well done, everyone and thanks for your commitment to school life! 


I just wanted to say thank you to the school community this week. Since returning in September, this has potentially been one of our hardest weeks in school yet due to the impact of COVID-19 and Test and Trace notifications. However, we have worked through it, adjusted plans and communicated new measures. Thank you so much for playing your part - adhering to the new staggered arrangements and for wearing a face covering as you enter the school grounds. The crowds have been better in a morning, and on KS1 in an evening, and this really will help everyone in the long run.


We are all having to adjust to these difficult times and the new measures really will help to reduce the risk of the virus spreading throughout the community – Much appreciated and thank you. I couldn’t be any prouder of the children at this moment in time and to the staff for keeping education going so strongly throughout this period of worry and uncertainty.


I am also extremely proud of the way in which Indigo 1 and year 2 have been working at home on blended learning. We welcomed back Mr Khan’s class today and it was so nice to have them back. However, Year 2 will not be returning for another week (Yellow 1 next Friday and Yellow 2 after half term). Children continue to work from home as described in my letter a few weeks ago. The Department for Education have given very clear guidance to schools as to what they expect from us during a bubble closure or lockdown, and in turn, we have certain expectations too. When a bubble does close, blended learning starts immediately, work is sent via the class dojo story and work should be uploaded daily for feedback. There will normally be a message from Mr Honey about the expectations and a video from myself to the children (virtual assembly).


We are all doing our best throughout this pandemic and working through unprecedented times. I am proud of everyone. I think as a school we are being exceptionally positive and we are delighted that we have remained opened for the children, despite having some classes covered by different adults.


As I have said before, together, we will rise to this challenge and ensure that as many of our children remain safe and in school as possible.


On a slightly different note, I have unfortunately received a complaint from a parent this week to say that they are hearing some adults swear in the playground at the end of the school day (whilst children are around). Can I please politely ask that you are mindful of your language in the school grounds, especially when there are so many children around! Thank you in advance.


Take care, everyone! Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you soon as we get through these difficult times together.


Have a great weekend everyone and keep safe.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates

Head Teacher