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Week Ending 25th September 2020


Current attendance results are as follows:


Whole School Percentage – 96.61%


1st place goes to Red 1 for 99.45% attendance.

2nd place goes to Green 1 for 99.06% attendance.

3rd place goes to yellow 1 for 97.97% attendance.


We are very proud of these percentages and it shows that even during a global pandemic we are seeing the importance of being at school, despite the worries and anxieties. Well done, everyone and thanks for your commitment to school life!  


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Conor – Blue 2 – For a totally improved attitude to writing! He wrote some amazing sentences about his model and used some good vocabulary. His letter formation is improving all the time and his confidence is growing


Mason – Violet 2 – For really working hard on his maths skills. He has conquered column subtraction with exchanges and his retention and confidence is continually growing


Our Rainbow Value celebrations have continued this week and it is wonderful to hear the reflective comments from teachers. I have really enjoyed visiting individual classes and talking to the children about the awards, values and reasons for getting them personally with classes. I have also been asking the children that if they were their teacher, who would they give a Rainbow Reward to, why and for which Rainbow Value. You want might to discuss them at home. Which Rainbow Value does your child know, understand and like the best? And which one do they need to work on more?


A reminder that our Rainbow values are:


Respect and acceptance – “Everyone is equal, everyone is unique”

Active body and active mind – “Take ownership over your health and well-being”

Inclusive yet individual – “Embrace diversity and be proud of who you are”

Nurture, develop and grow – “Persevere and take risks with your talents and potential”

Believe in yourself – “Be confident in your choices”

Overcome your obstacles – “Be brave, show resilience and challenge yourself”

Wonder and curiosity – “Ask questions and seek answers”


It has been lovely seeing our year 5 bubble back at school this week. We continue to have no more positive cases in school, which is great news for all of us. We have had some great comments about the blended curriculum (between school and home learning) for Indigo 2, whilst they were self-isolating. However, we have learnt from the class being at home and we will continue to evolve our offer. We will be sending a consultation to the parents and carers of Mrs Parnell's class about their views of the home learning contingency soon and we have also spoken to the children. I will be writing out soon about our plans for the blended curriculum moving forwards and what is expected from the Department of Education when children are working from home. The landscape is forever changing! Watch this space... 


Have a great weekend everyone and keep safe.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates