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Week Ending 17th July 2020


This week, the following children have received recognition from me for their home or school learning through Class Dojo:


Ashton – Indigo 1 – For his amazing work during lock down through home learning. His portfolio is packed with lots of great pieces and it is clear that he has put 100% effort and pride into his studies whilst at home. His presentation is excellent and it is clear that he is enjoying the work and working excellently either with parents or independently. I also think he was one of the first children to need a new home learning book from school (as his first one was filled with lots of great pieces). Well done, Ashton. This work really will stand you in good stead ready for the start of Year 6 as 5 months off school is a long time.  


Abigail – Indigo 1 – For very pleasing work during lock down and a packed portfolio reflecting 100% commitment to home learning. There has been so much work completed and many independent pieces also. Abigail also completed an amazing 24/7 story for the writing competition and it is definitely one of my favourites. Well done, Abigail. Once again, this work really will stand you in good stead ready for the start of Year 6 and you seem very ready for the challenge.


Ted – Blue 2 - For working consistently hard during lockdown. His portfolio is packed full of fantastic pieces of learning. In particular, he has worked really hard to improve his time on TTRS and is now a Rock Legend. Well done, Ted!


Ethan DF – Blue 2 - For being a super learner during lockdown. His portfolio is full of amazing work that he has completed. He has been writing stories on the computer and I have been blown away by his enthusiasm, with some of the stories even following on from the last! Well done, Ethan! 



Throughout the week, we have gradually said goodbye to our Reception and Year 1 children as they break for the summer. We hope that they all have a rest and we can not wait to see them again in Year 1 and 2. They have done so well during their time in school these past few weeks and we know that they will be fine next year .


In addition, we say goodbye to our Year 6 children today for the last time ever. We treated them this afternoon with a visit from 'Jen's Whippy' ice cream van. A perfect opportunity to treat the wonderful Year 6 teachers too. Teachers will post the class photos to their own class Dojo accounts later today.

This year has been a pleasure with the year 6 children. As I said in their report letters, never did I think in September 2019 that their final year at Greasley would be cut short. They have missed out on so much: SATs, leavers plays, discos and their only residential at the well as a full curriculum taught by their teacher.

However, they have been strong, done their absolute best throughout lock down and I couldn't be prouder of their resilience and determination since they have been back from mid-June.

They are still ready for secondary. I know they will give it their all and they know that I want them to continue to smile and follow the Rainbow Values.

Go and 'Paint Your Own Rainbow' Year 6s! Goodbye and good luck!


We continue to plan for September and as our plans are finalised later today or Monday, we will have those to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, we have been taking our time to ensure that our plans are well thought through and communicated effectively (both for safety and academic purposes). We are also very aware that the guidance is changing all the time.


Next week, we look forward to seeing our Year 2-5 children for their ‘Goodbye days’ on Monday or Thursday and we can’t wait to see them!


A reminder that school is shut next Friday for our INSET Day 


Take care, keep safe and continue to smile.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates