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Week Ending 10th July 2020


This week, the following children have received recognition from me for their home or school learning through Class Dojo:


Oliver – Violet 1 – For becoming the new Master Chef at home. I am astounded by the many recipes he has followed and for showing an amazing portfolio throughout food week (and lockdown in general) Over the last week, he has baked a fabulous rainbow cake, cooked southern fried chicken burgers, stir fry’s and much more! All cooked and baked with a smile and dedication. A huge well done, Oliver.


Ava-Grace – Red 1 – For some super writing today. She wrote a full sentence independently about going to the shop and used a full stop. She used her phonics to help her and was very proud of her work and letter formation.  


This week, I also had the hard job of choosing winning stories from year 5 and 6 based on the 24/7 story writing challenge. Basically, write a story in exactly 24 words in 7 minutes. The results are as follows:


24/7 story challenge


First Place

Mr Khan’s Class

One day the announcement came. My life ground to a screechy halt. The world became a silent, unseen threat. What would happen to us?


Written by Zara B


Second Place

Mr Honey’s bubble

One day the world stood still, a virus shut us away. A long stay at home and normal gone away. Someday things will change.


Written by Oliver P


Third Place

Mrs Jamson’s bubble

One day a little girl came across a person being accused of a crime and said, “I hope one day we have equal rights”.


Written by Millie C


Runner up

Miss Marvin’s bubble

Darkness crept into the centre of my soul. My eyes clouded over black. I found myself writhing on the floor, releasing a blood-curdling shriek.


Written by Holly S


Runner up

Mrs Parnell’s Class

One day we travelled to Ibiza

The sun shone,

The ocean glistened,


The sand white,

The sky blue,

I never want to leave


Written by Jake M




A busy week as we planned for the final week in school for the Years 2-5, transition before the end of term and September. Last week you will have received the annual school report (albeit a little different this year due to COVID and time missed in school) and you will have been notified of the class teacher for your child for next year.


This week, your child will have received videos from their new class teacher about September and a welcome to the new year group in general. You will have also received phone calls from the new class teacher and this was an opportunity for them to introduce themselves and also for you to share anything you needed to talk about. We hope that you have found these useful (some may continue into next week if you haven’t had a call yet).


Today has been fabulous for the year 6 children. They have had their end of term treat (and leavers activity day) with a great event organised by Hagg Farm. They have completed adventurous outdoor activities through the day which involved: archery, blindfolded walks, large jenga, marshmallow burning around the camp fire and more. They had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Super team building skills developed and so much fun and relaxation had by all. They looked super in their leavers hoodies and really did shine!


Their morning also started brilliantly as they had an online careers events where they talked to people in different professions - learning about training opportunities, linked skills to jobs and asked some great questions about life as an adult in the real world! Such a good day for the year sixes and I hope that they thoroughly enjoyed it.


Next week, we say good bye to the Reception, Year 1 and year 6 children as they end their current academic year. We will miss them all, but are also very much looking forward to seeing the Year 2-5 children who return for their ‘Goodbye Day’ in the final week. Further information to follow about this next week.


We continue to plan for September and as soon as our plans are finalised, we will have those to you as soon as possible. Rest assured, we are taking our time to ensure that our plans are well thought through and communicated effectively (both for safety and academic purposes).


Take care, keep safe and continue to smile.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates