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2nd July 2020


This week, the following children have received recognition from me for their home or school learning through Class Dojo:


Jayden – Indigo 2 – For showing true Greasley resilience, especially when some topics may have not always engaged his interests. When fully engaged, Jayden has produced some super pieces and through positivity, he has demonstrated quality and produced well thought out pieces.  His presentation on his Class Dojo Portfolio has also shown determination. This enthusiasm will impact positively on his learning when he returns to school. Well done for keeping going, Jayden.


Archie – Yellow 1 – For some excellent work on class Dojo and showing how super he is being at home with his home learning. I have seen an array of stories, songs, posters etc and all keep getting better and better as he continues to take feedback well from Mrs Clarke and continues to improve his work. His work ethic at home is as good as what it was at school and he is always smiling on his pictures. We are very proud of you, Archie. Well done and keep it up. I


Hunter – Red 2 – For producing a fabulous collage picture to show the animals in captivity in a zoo. He really thought about the bars, wildlife and bars to show the enclosure.


Harry – Yellow 2 – For producing a fabulous collage picture to show the animals in captivity in a zoo. He really thought about the bars, wildlife and bars to show the enclosure.


This week has been another good week in school. Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 have settled well now into their new routines and we have seen even more children return this week following successes being shared. It has been so lovely to see more children in school over the past two weeks and new routines have been followed well. Children have stuck to the protective measures well and realise now that the new rules in school are not hard to follow and they are there to keep everyone safe.


At the beginning of the week, the school reports were shared remotely and we hope that you enjoyed reading the letters. Progress and attainment information was not provided in the annual report due to the impact that COVID-19 had on the summer term. Remember to refer to the spring term report for this information, which was shared a few months ago.


Tomorrow, you will receive notification of your child’s class teacher for next year. Class lists take time and lots of conversations, and decisions around class teachers for the following year take a number of factors into consideration. I also communicated with you today about the transition plan for the next few weeks and the plans for the final week of term for Years 2-5. More information will follow to those year groups throughout next week.


We hope that you have a super weekend and we look forward to carrying out many of the above plans in place to aid transition for your child. Remote ways of working has become a new way of life during COVID-19. We fully appreciate that this is far from ideal (it isn’t for the teachers either) but we continue to work positively and look forward to working with you more personally throughout the Autumn term (where ever possible of course!)


Take care, keep safe and continue to smile during these difficult (but easing) times.


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates