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Head Teacher's Blog

Hello one and all,


Well, another very different, but super week in school this week. We have had between 7 - 18 children in every day and a small number of staff. School continues to be open for the vulnerable children or those with two key worker parents only. This is our effort to stay at home where possible and protect the NHS, ourselves and everyone in the community 

Remember to keep looking at Class Dojo (both class stories and whole school posts). As well as the home learning set on the class pages of the website, we are also posting fun challenges, daily questions or opportunities to stretch thinking. This week was the hand washing challenge on class dojo...

I do hope that you are all well and keeping safe. The staff certainly are staying safe by keeping their hands nice and clean like we should (both in school and when travelling to and from the home!)

However, I wondered if you might be able to help us out? The teachers are being a little bit secretive and we can't tell who is washing hands or using gel?

Why don't you take a look at who is keeping their hands clean and safe from those nasty germs and this nasty, naughty virus? Take a look at the photos attached and see if you can guess who the 25 members of staff are. Keep your guess and I will tell you next week who everyone is. 

Have fun!! (an answer sheet can be found on class Dojo too, where you will be able to record your answers and stick in your home learning book).


In addition this week, and on a more serious note, we are noticing that children are struggling a little more and anxiety can rise at any point during a difficult time (and we are in a global pandemic, which has never happened in our lifetimes!) As a result, I sent via Parent Mail yesterday a wellbeing pack to support you all at home. This is a long resource pack. However, may help you all in different ways at different times. When you have a moment, take the time to have a read and then store it somewhere for a potential time in need.


Please also contact us if you are struggling and we will be able to support you in some way.


Today, Mrs Jamson also wrote to you about the changes for home learning from next week. Good luck with everything, do your best, don't put pressure on yourselves and rest assured we will catch up when we are back fully.


Take care, keep smiling and stay safe.

Warm regards,

Mrs Bates