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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 11th November 2016
This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:
Avah – EYFS – for going for Gold in Maths
Sienna – EYFS – for wonderful writing about Alice in Wonderland
Amy – Year 4 – For designing a beautiful Divali card and writing a thoughtful and very reflective message

JESSICA, ‘WILF’s new puppet friend’, will be spending the week with class 11 due to 100% attendance.
The golden dustpan and brush for the ‘Tidy Classroom’ award will be spending the week in class 3 for their outstanding classroom environment.

Diary of the week:
Another fabulous week at Greasley. A busy and hard-working atmosphere buzzing around the building and so much getting accomplished and still to look forward to.

Tuesday evening was very busy with our first disco of the academic year. It was VERY well attended and the place was ‘rockin’. A huge thank you to all the parents, who helped out to make the event a big success. What with the entry fee and confectionary on sale, we managed to raise £640.43 for school fund. Thank you to all parents, who bought their child’s ticket and allowed a little bit of spending money. They also looked fabulous. We had a few tired (or hyper) teachers at the governors meeting, which started at 6pm :)

The dance assembly this week was fabulous. It was so lovely to see the girls at their best and enjoying the three tracks that they danced to. There were a range of styles demonstrated and the girls were beaming throughout. Well done, girls and thank you to the parents for coming to watch. It was lovely to see you all in school!

Thursday, we saw the younger children in Early Years and Key stage 1 receiving their flu vaccinations as ‘Flu Fighters’. They were very brave and we hope that they manage to stay germ free and well this winter.

The week ended with a busy Friday. We started off with our Gold Book assembly, where we celebrated the excellent efforts and achievements of the children this week. It was also very exciting to send WILF’s new puppet friend ‘Jessica’ on her travels to the class with the best attendance this week (Well done, class 11). The puppet was actually presented to Miss Busby by Jessica, in year 3, who spent one of her weekends on Amazon to find the best friend for WILF. It was also very exciting to produce class 3 with the ‘Tidy Classroom’ award and the golden dustpan and brush. Pupil Parliament were part of the decision making process and took part in a walk around school to decide which classroom deserved the award the most. They were ruthless with their checklists and clipboards. Well done to all of them, who took the role very seriously.

In addition to a very busy morning, we also gave our respects as part of Remembrance Day and remembered the members of the armed forces, who have died in the line of duty. The children were very reflective and thoughtful and we were very proud of their behaviour during our 2 minutes of silence at 11am.

Looking ahead to next week, the children have been invited to wear their PJs on Friday 18th November and bring in a £1 to raise money for ‘Children in Need’. Pupil Parliament are also going to be very busy again with their clipboards and success criteria, conducting ‘Learning Walks’ to check on learning and behaviour (normally carried about by the senior leaders)…we can’t wait to see what they spot!

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe and warm :)