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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 20th March 2020


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Alfie – Orange 1 – For fantastic phonics work. Alfie concentrated really well and had a great attitude to work. Well done!


Current attendance results are as follows:


Violet 1 & Violet 2 – 100%

Blue 1 – 99.2%


Dear all,

I hope you are well and enjoying some family time today.

Following a very unusual day in school yesterday, and some thinking time today, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all immensely! Myself and the staff have received some amazing cards, letters, gifts, emails and sincere thanks and we are truly grateful.

Last week wasn’t easy for anyone and yesterday was particularly strange. We kept smiling though and the day was heart-warning in so many ways!

We enjoyed rainbow day and that generated an enormous amount of food for the food banks for our school community. Thank you so much.

As I have all week, I will continue to keep you updated and posted. There will be a letter tomorrow for those families whose children will be in school next week. In addition, we will writing to you all on Monday with further plans for continued home learning. As a mum myself, I am also preparing for this, and I know it will be ‘different’. We will do our very best to ensure children continue to be engaged with learning, education and fun!

Keep safe and well everyone ... you are all in my thoughts. Also, please tell your children that Mrs Bates says, “Keep using those cheeks and keep smiling.”

For now, I leave you to try and enjoy the rest of your weekend. The very best and fond wishes,

Michelle Bates

Head Teacher