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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 13th March 2020


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Skyla – Orange 2 – For consistently producing high-quality pieces of homework that have taken a lot of time, effort and hard work.


Nurture, Develop and Grow - Fabulous news this week to find out that Jessica (year 6) played with the Ilkeston brass band last weekend in the regional area contest. It was pleasing to hear that she came 12th out of 22 bands! Apparently, there was lots of positive feedback, especially about the cornet players. Another proud parent moment and one for us in school too! Well done, Jessica.


Current attendance results are as follows:


Orange 1 – 100%

Green 2 – 98.9%

Blue 1 – 98.9%


An exciting week in school this week as we commenced our annual science week. Throughout the week, there were many exciting scientific opportunities. Mrs Clarke (as science lead) led the week and this is what she had to say about the experiences:


What a fabulous week of STEM based projects. Science alongside Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each year group took on a different challenge with links to STEM and the wider world:


Reception: plastic pollution and reusing waste plastic as flower pots


Year 1: How buildings are made and homeless shelter making


Year 2: Food and packaging technology and sandwiches for the homeless


Year 3: Geolgogy and volcanoes and model making


Year 4: Animal classification and their welfare with bird feeders


Year 5: Our solar system and rocket making


Year 6: Refugees and temporary camp modelling


As part of the week, we welcomed many visitors and made links with the wider community. Including:


Sarah - Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum


Hall Park STEM Leaders and science teachers


Carol and Gary - Wildgoose Construction


Sarah - The Dog's Trust

Matt - Squid Artchitects

Tracy and Andrew - Tracy's Kitchen for the homeless 

Grace - Everyone's Health project

Thank you to them all: parent volunteers and staff team across school, including the office and kitchen staff, for making our week of learning so engaging and relevant for our children.


It was brilliant to see all of the learning and experiences showcased so confidently by the children in our science fair on Friday afternoon. 


One parent got in touch with Mrs Clarke at the end of the week and said:


“I just wanted to say what an a amazing idea and job done this afternoon with the children making sandwiches to send out to the homeless. My child was super proud telling us all about it this afternoon. I actually brought tears to my eyes. We always tell our boys to be kind and try to help others in a time of need. He’s taken so much away from today’s activities. Thank you.”


Thank you so much to Mrs Clarke for organising the week and providing the children with rich experiences and authentic outcomes. Thanks also to the teachers for putting their skills, knowledge and experiences into practice and proving exciting opportunities for the children. The children had a great week and there was lots happening across school.


Sports Relief was great today and it was nice to see the children looking and being active. We enjoyed the day and donations to the charity were brilliant. We raised £225.30 and the discussions about charities were very useful and encouraging. A true example of ‘Active Body and Active Mind’. Thank you so much for your support.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher