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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 7th February 2020


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Evelyn – Red 2 – For some fantastic morning writing. Evelyn wrote two sentences independently and was able to tell me all about sound buttons, digraphs and blending from her phonics learning.


Hunter – Red 2 – For knowing to come inside and call for an adult when Mrs Greaves fell over outside. This was a very sensible and kind thing to do, Hunter – well done and thank you!


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to orange 1 for 99.2% attendance.

2nd and 3rd place goes to Violet 2 and Indigo 2 for 98.6% attendance.


On Tuesday, year 5 were involved in a fantastic day with the minister from the Ministry of Chocolate. Indigo 1 and 2 listened to how chocolate is made, designed their own chocolate, tested chocolate (using all 5 senses) and learnt more fascinating facts related to Fairtrade and chocolate. There were many hands on activities, which had the children mesmerised for the entire session. Overall, it was brilliant day! It was presented in a thoroughly entertaining way and the event really helped to enhance the learning within year 5.


On a sporting note, last November, some children competed in a local area school’s cross-country competition at Hall Park Academy. There were approximately 200 children that took part. The top 6 children were taken to the county finals, which took place last Saturday in Mansfield. William (year 6), who was placed 3rd in the area trials, ran last Saturday. He came 23rd from an incredibly packed field of runners. A huge congratulations to him. We are so proud!



A reminder that 'Safer Internet Day' is approaching. As a result of this, we have organised a parent session on Wednesday 12th February at 2pm with Lorna Naylor, who works for the local authority. She will lead a session with parents, and then teachers after school, about online safety and how to stay safe when using a variety of different devices, games and sites.

Whilst children are at school, they are supervised when using the internet. Understandably, children cannot always be so closely supervised when away from school using technology in their everyday lives. The internet is ever changing and this session may give you as parents and carers a greater level of confidence to help keep your children safe online.

A letter with this same information was sent from Mr Honey a few weeks ago, so please remember to complete the slip so we are aware of the number of seats to reserve.

Thanks in advance for support in this area, and we hope that many of you can make it.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher