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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 29th November 2019


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Isla – Orange 2 – For writing a beautiful poem all about what family means to her. Isla used her phonics accurately and read her work back to check it made sense.


Kieran – Violet 2 – For completing a STUNNING double-page spread. He used his own FANTASTIC video from our trip to the Galleries of Justice to design a brilliantly informative fact page!


Alexander – Yellow 1 – For his progress in maths. Superb focus, effort and checking. Alexander is now able to complete additions independently.


Poppy – Yellow 1 – For her fantastic progress in writing. This progress is due to her listening to teacher feedback and having a go with new ideas. Super detail including historical facts.


Conor – Green 2 – For concentrating really hard on his maths and showing he can order numbers to at least 20.


  Positive praise also goes to:


It was also wonderful this week to see Max - from Indigo 2 – who has been awarded with a certificate from Southampton School of Psychology for helping out with research around reading. Well done, Max! A researcher in the making!


It was also great to see Jessica (Violet 1), and her sister Hannah (yellow 2), with their letters from Blue Peter along with their Blue Peter Music Badges.  These are issued to viewers, who are passionate about music. They both wrote to Blue Peter many weeks ago to share their love for making, playing and listening to music and discussing how they have done this over a number of years as they have developed throughout their primary years. I have never seen a real Blue Peter badge before – how exciting!



Positive communication home includes:


Erin – Violet 1 – For fantastic manners at lunchtime every day. This has been spotted by Steph and myself at the hatch. She always thanks Steph for her lunch and delivers her thanks with a smile too!


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to Violet 1 for 98.6% attendance.

2nd place goes to Red 1 for 98.5% attendance.

3rd place goes to Blue 1 for 98.1% attendance.


This week started with the book fair trolleys being delivered and shared in assembly. I love it when the book fair arrives and I get the opportunity to share recommended reads and favourites with the children. This time, I chose to share ‘The Winky Wonky Donkey’ and also recommended the new book by Tom Fletcher, ‘The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch’. The book fair will be seen by all the children in school and books will be on sale every day next week during Parents’ evening week. We hope that you get chance to browse and any books sold during the week will increase the level of commission that we receive as a school. This will enable us to spend money on books for school and the children. Thanks for your support in advance.


On Monday, I also sent out a Dojo to all parents to remind you that you can give your views about school using Parent View. Parent View is an online questionnaire whereby you can give your views about different aspects of school life. Your views are important to us so please take a moment to complete the form and shape the direction of further school improvement areas:


On Monday evening, we had a Full Governing body meeting and we talked about the Greasley Hub/PTA and the ways in which we can develop this over this academic year. The Hub have helped over a number of years to raise money for school in many different ways, and we are very grateful to the team, but the leadership of it has now changed. Thank you to Mrs Donna Kemp and Mrs Barbara Thompson (and all the other ladies) for supporting the school and the Hub for so long.


Mrs Barrowcliffe has now taken on this role from a staff perspective and Mrs Gail Tilley from a governor perspective. We are hoping that more parents will get involved this year and help raise funds for school, but also to be a ‘voice’ for the parents also. Please let the school office, or Mrs Barrowcliffe, know if you are interested in becoming involved. With a reducing budget, and things getting tighter in schools, parents support and help is vital and we very much appreciate any help in advance.


Today was non-uniform day and we thank you all enormously for your support with this fund raiser. We had lots of different bottles and chocolates and all of your donations were greatly appreciated and welcomed. They will all go towards the raffles and the tombola for the Christmas fair. Thank you.


A reminder that on Monday you will receive your child’s autumn term report in preparation for the Parents’ evenings next Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Please speak to teachers if you have not made an appointment as we would love to see you all.


Have a great weekend. Keep Warm and see you next week.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates