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Week Ending 20th September 2019


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Morgan – Orange 1 – For fantastic investigation skills to try and find out who was living on the field. Morgan also had a very mature attitude to his first ‘cold write’ and produced a great diary entry.



Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to Red 2 for 99.3% attendance.

2nd place goes to Orange 2 for 99.1% attendance.

3rd place goes to yellow 1 and 2 for 98.9% attendance.



Another week has flown by already and once again the children are engaged in their learning and engrossed in their new topics. The curriculum, for each year group, is now centred on a big enquiry question that encourages children to ‘really’ think and discover. In addition, the answer is not ‘googlable’ and requires a series of lessons to find the answer. This is very exciting and already the questions are developing the children’s ‘Wonder and Curiosity’ and causing a high level of discussion and debate. The different year groups are tackling the following enquiry-based questions currently. How would you answer them? Maybe have discussions with your children about them at home.


Year 1 – How do past events influence our future?

Year 2 – Where is the past in the present?

Year 3 – Is change always positive?

Year 4 – Should we accept our place in society?

Year 5 – Are great leaders born or made?

Year 6 – Should the punishment always fit the crime?


In reception, our younger children are finding out about pirates – I wonder where they lived? Who was in charge? What they wore? And where they buried their treasure?


Linked to our history-based questions this term, the Hobgoblin Theatre Company came to school this week too… I heard noises, effects and laughter from the hall. I am told that the children thoroughly enjoyed the performances. I hope that the Hobgoblin performances brought aspects of history alive for the children and they all came home talking about their learning.


On Tuesday evening, Mrs Jamson and I hosted our curriculum and vision event for the third time since the start of the summer term. This was to explain the vision and values of the school, information about the new curriculum and the direction of the school for this academic year. We hope people have enjoyed the presentations and found the information useful. If anyone has any further questions to ask then please feel free to ask.


We hope that you are happy with the start of the academic year. We certainly are! We are always interested in your opinions so please feel free to give your views at


Have a great weekend everyone.


Warm regards,

Michelle Bates

Head Teacher