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Head Teacher's Blog!

What a great day. Today, the year 6's shared their Leavers show of 'Rocketman' to parents, visitors, governors and staff. It was an absolute 'blast off' and even involved a real rocket. The message of the show was clear...reach for the stars and the world is your oyster. Whatever your educational path, there is a career out there for you and primary school is just the very start of that journey. 


I was so proud of all the year 6 children and they shone like the stars that they are. They sang, spoke and delivered confidently and they started the week off perfectly. 


Thank you to Miss Marvin and Miss Busy for putting together a great show! Writing a script from scratch is not an easy job and the story line and key messages were just perfect for us. Once again, very proud! 


Warm regards,


Mrs Bates