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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 19th July 2019


This week, the following child was praised for the following reason:


I’d like to celebrate the fact that Zara, in Blue 1, took place in Blyth Beach Lifesaving competition in Northumberland last week. She did exceptionally well and clearly she is nurturing and developing her talents through her active body and mind.


She got a 1st in the Rope throw rescue, 2nd in the sea Body Board race and 3rd in the Beach Sprint. She came 2nd overall. WOW, what an achievement, Zara! A HUGE well done. I see you in the swimming gala team in the future. Maybe the Olympics one day!


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to Indigo 2 for 98.2% attendance.

2nd place goes to Red 2 for 97.3% attendance.

3rd place goes to Yellow 2 for 96.3% attendance.


Weekly update…


What a way to start the week off…the drumming assembly took place at 9am Monday morning and the place was ‘rocking’ within minutes. I was unfortunately, unable to attend due to a visitor to the school, but I could hear the assembly from my room and it sounded great! I am told that both the children and the parents thoroughly enjoyed the show. If you are interested in your child having drum lessons with Duncan Rose, then please speak to the office team and they will be able to discuss pricing, timetabling and availability.


Following the drumming assembly, the children went off to spend time with their new teachers and class peers for the day. There was a great atmosphere around the school and when I visited every single classroom, there were smiles, fun and laughter! Change is always strange in the beginning, but it is also a good thing and prepares the children for all stages of education and life. Class lists take a long time to prepare and we have worked hard this year to ensure an even mix across classes and that children are with a friend, but also peers that they can work well with and excel around.


On Wednesday, our year 5 children had another transition visit over at Hall Park. These sessions and ‘taster days’ are always a great idea as they help the children to experience secondary school life and also to gauge their thoughts and feelings about Hall Park in particular. During the holidays, the current year 5 parents will receive a letter from the Nottinghamshire County Council about applying for a secondary school place by the end of October 2019. I have personally just been through this process so good luck with your decisions and the application stage.


On Thursday, we opened up the doors for our annual Open Afternoon. This was an opportunity for you to look at your child’s work with them in an informal way and speak with teachers if you had any questions about the report, class mixes or next year. Mrs Jamson and I enjoyed sharing our Vision, Rainbow Values, strategic direction and Curriculum news with you. It was great to see so many of you around school, and we will be repeating the workshop presentation in September for new parents and anyone that missed it this week.


This morning we had the annual Governor Awards, and I am pleased to share the list of children with you, who were selected:


Red 1 - Morgan

Red 2 – Jack-James

Orange 1 - Amber

Orange 2 – Jake

Yellow 1  - Max

Yellow 2 - George

Green 1 - Rosa

Green 2 - Abigail

Blue 1 - Eleanor

Blue 2 - Emma

Indigo 1 - Frazer

Indigo 2 – Charlie-May

Violet 1 – Callum

Violet 2 - Millie


All of the children were chosen by the teachers, for varying reasons, and certificates were celebrated by the governors and whole school. I am very proud of all the children … and what a great way to share their personal achievements.


To end the day, we hosted our first annual ‘Afternoon Tea’ to thank everyone who has helped this school achieve its very best this year. Thank you to everyone who has helped school this year. Through your support and dedication, the children have naturally benefitted and I am most grateful of the support from parents, TAs, kitchen staff and helpers this year.


We have three days left to go …BUT…more and more to enjoy and experience!... the Year 6 leavers concert and disco, BGT final, reception parental picnic…and many good byes!


Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward already to another super week next week.

Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher