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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 24th May 2019


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Jonah – Orange 2 – For his fantastic detailed drawings that re-tell the story of ‘The Way Back home’. Jonah could tell me all about each picture.


Arthur – Orange 2 – For writing a fantastic postcard home from the moon. I could read all of Arthur’s work and have seen a BIG improvement in his handwriting and use of phonics. Arthur also wrote a beautiful story for his homework, which everyone enjoyed reading and sharing.


Mya – Green 1 – For amazingly improved handwriting throughout year 3. It is all down to her determination, active mind and belief in herself. She also tells me that she has been working hard on her handwriting skills at home. WOW, what an improvement!


George – Green 1 – For making an incredible model of the rainforest with clearly labelled layers as part of his homework project. He really went above and beyond.


Finley – Green 2 – For his thoughtful, well-written and smartly presented rainforest poem. He has even squeezed in some rhyming and alliteration. Fabulous!


Max – Blue 2 – For writing a fantastic version of chapter 7 for ‘Running Wild’ after reading chapter 6. He included a fantastic range of emotive language and really brought the next section of the story to life. I was also impressed with his use of an ellipsis, great fronted adverbials and a super rhetorical question to get me thinking. Well done, Max!


Hubert – Indigo 2 – For his independent writing. He did not use google translate once for the first time! He has used inverted commas for direct speech and included all the key parts from within the chapter he is rewriting. I am SO proud of you, Hubert!


This week, the following children have received some praise through home-school links:


Alfie, in Orange 2, for being a Greasley Beauvale environmental HERO! When I was travelling home one night this week, I had to stop my car to find him and his mum rescuing a hedgehog from the busy road right in front of my very eyes. It made me smile and I am truly glad that he was able to do this…who knows what could have happened to the poor creature if he hadn’t have been so curious and worked with his active mind? Well done and thank you, Alfie! What a Live-saving HERO! J


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to orange 2 for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Blue 2 for 98.6% attendance.

3rd place goes to Green 1 for 98.1% attendance.


Weekly update…


Well, I cannot believe that we are already at the end of a short, but VERY busy half term. This term, we have seen our year 6 children complete their SATs and this week the year 2 children finished theirs also. There was a great atmosphere through the testing period and it was very clear that the children were very motivated to do their very best. I am so proud of them and their teachers, and I wish them the very best for the scores that they so rightly deserve. We pride ourselves on developing a balanced curriculum and therefore, the children really have done their best, whilst also devoting special time to the foundations subjects also.


During the week, Mr Leyshon’s class and Miss Marvin’s class have also met again with their link classes from Beeston Rylands Junior School and Round Hill Primary School. The classes swapped schools and had a truly great time. It was also lovely to see another set of children at Greasley Beauvale working so hard with our year 6 class. Mr Leyshon had this to say:


When we arrived at the school, they had each made a welcome poster for us and we shared some of the lovely messages from the children. After we were welcomed by the head teacher, we played some ice breaker activities and the children all quickly loosened up and began to talk more freely with the children from other school (Beeston Rylands Junior School). We then set up a variety of physical activity based games that children played in mixed groups before we had a lovely picnic! After lunch, we split into two separate, mixed-school groups and some children looked at the topic of individuality with the book ‘Only One You’ whilst the other group studied and explored what the word ‘home’ really means to us. This group then made homes in the woodlands for an alien visitor, considering what it needs to have to ‘really’ be a home. We ended the day by sharing our favourite parts of the day and thanked them for their hospitality.


Have a great half term everyone and I look forward already to the final half term of the academic year . I cannot believe that the end of the year is insight already and we have so much to look forward to. A jam-packed half term ahead…sports day (pray for good weather!), transition visits, Macmillan event, BIG sing…and much more! Make sure you take a look at the dates page that was sent out last week so that you don’t miss anything.


A reminder that the first two days back after the holidays are INSET days, where we will concentrating on assessing and evaluating the curriculum for your children and considering and planning for curriculum changes in the new academic year. Very exciting!


We look forward to seeing you again when the school re-opens on Wednesday the 5th June 2019

Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher