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Head Teachers' Awards


Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:


Emmie – Green 2 – For using her phonics knowledge to write a recount. Lots of this writing was completed independently. Her confidence is really growing and developing.


Hunter – Yellow 1 – For a fantastic piece of writing. He wrote enjoyed taking risks by working independently without any adult help.


Zachary – Red 2 – For working so hard in his phonics lesson and joining in with writing a sentence without support.


Jax – Green 2 – For writing a super story. Jaz REALLY disliked writing but has made a super effort with his spellings, capital letters, full stops and editing! We are so impressed with his new-found confidence.


Connie – Red 2 – For working so hard in phonics and independently identifying the initial sounds in ‘cat’, ‘dog’ and ‘pig’ to write by herself.



WOW, what a week for writing! Especially those independent, risk-taking writers! Well done, everyone! Keep it up 😊