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Head Teacher's Awards - Week ending 27th January 2023

Head Teacher's Awards Update:


Lawson - Blue 2 - For having an amazing and positive week in Year 4. He has tried so hard with activities outside of his comfort zone and made us so proud of what he has achieved this week. I was incredibly impressed to see Lawson in assembly today, during Rainbow Rewards, and he answered a question with confidence and a smile. What a GREAT week! 


Morgan, Izzie and Liam - Blue 2 - For their letter writing. All three children thought about their character's feelings and included thoughtful and emotive ideas.


Archie - Yellow 1 -  For his use of 'er' and 'est' in his writing. Archie has also focussed on his learning and 'Believed in himself'. 


Harri and Holly - Blue 2 - For their maths learning on multiplication and division. They both worked well with partners to progress through a sequence of lessons and and their learning was well-presented and recorded. 


Ava - Blue 1 - For her wonderfully emotive writing about a Jewish pilgrimage to the western wall. 


Grayson - Green 1 - For amazing maths work! Having the confidence to complete some tricky problems on his own. Lots of knowledge needed for division - well done! 


Skyla, Ethan and Alfie - Blue 2 - All three children thought about their character's feelings, when performing their drama piece, and included thoughtful emotions. In addition, they worked well as a team and performed their piece to me with confidence and resilience.