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Head Teachers' Awards

Head Teacher Awards for the week:


Arlo - Red 2 - For AMAZING phonics this morning. Fantastic concentration and effort. Super job, Arlo!


Jack - Orange 2 - For having a really good try at his learning, especially in maths. He remembered to start at the biggest number and count on when adding. Well done, Jack!


Freddie - Orange 2 - For using his phonics knowledge to work out what sounds make words and then making them e.g., suc-cess. Super!


Toby - Orange 2 - Using his phonic knowledge to help him sound out CVC words. Toby is gaining confidence and overcoming his obstacles. Well done!


Jacob - Blue 2 - For a focused and determined attitude towards punctuating direct speech. You could identify all of the missing punctuation accurately and contributed lots of ideas for creating dialogue. Great!