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Head Teachers Awards

Head Teacher Awards to date go to....


Patience - Orange 1 - For fantastic effort with her writing. She ordered the sentences and worked hard when forming her letters


Rylee - Indigo 1 - for working really hard on his independent writing. He overcame his obstacles by nor requiring support and not giving up. I loved his diary entries from the king's perspective


Charlie - Red 2 - For being super sensible on his hunt around school. He found so many leaves and bugs and could also say what he could not find. I am so proud of him


Roux - Red - For fantastic stamina in phonics. Roux independently wrote a dictated sentence with improved letter formation - well done! 


Rosie, Chester and Priya - for super independent writing using phonics knowledge and awareness. All three children have made great improvements, either with their pace, effort, stamina, attitude, letter formation and/or independence levels. Great work produced by all three - super!