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Head Teachers Awards

Wow...half way through the half-term already!!


A busy 3 weeks ahead with KS1 and KS2 SATs but, for now, let's remind ourselves of the great work from the following children over the past few weeks:


Edward - Orange 1 - For absolutely smashing his phonics assessment and going from Yellow to Orange books! What a star.


Sienna - Orange 2 - For showing excitement, belief in herself and overcoming her obstacles when reading something new for the first time. You blew Mrs Lees away! Well done 


Isabella - Orange 1 - For her fantastic effort with her writing. She really focussed and used her phonics to sound out the words. Well done. 


Sophie - Orange 1 - For amazing writing about the unicorn in school. She worked hard to remember her capital letters and full stops.


Benji - Yellow 2 - For independent choosing to begin to write a sentence using known tricky words! Benji then went on to tell me what he had been doing in his book. Well done, Benji.


Holly and Jake - Blue 2 - For independent writing using adverbials. They really took care over descriptions and characters and when choosing descriptive vocabulary for their sentences. Well done; both showing great progress and determination.


​​​​​​​Callum - Violet 1 - For being so resilient and keen to achieve. Because of this, he is achieving many great things, particularly in maths.


​​​​​​​Toby, Ruby, Aristos and Maddison - Reception - For all being able to write about the orangutans with carefully thought out sentences and words. They drew pictures and made great posters.


Bliss - Red 1 - For amazing independent writing! She checked it all through properly herself. Well done. 


Layla-Rose - Blue 2 - For fantastic use of noun phrases and amazing pace of writing. We're really proud of you, Layla. 


​​​​​​​Evie - Orange 1 - For an amazing effort planning a recount of Lost and Found. Evie really concentrated on using her phonics and remembering her capital letters and full stops. 


Hugo - Green 1 - For working really hard on his independent write. His effort, presentation and finger spaces have blown my socks off! Well done, Hugo.