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Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher Awards 


Indigo 2 - Jake - For his work in English. He has been working super hard on his handwriting and has shown great progress since September. I also loved how the Rainbow Values have been incorporated into his writing. Very impressed! 


Abigail - Blue 2 - For giving her time to help a friend with their maths learning and taking time to explain how to achieve the correct answers


Ruby - Blue 2 - For persevering with maths today and not handing in her book until she knew how to correct her mistakes 


Jessica - Blue 1 - For amazing effort and progress in lots of areas! Jessica is independently using resources to help her which shows her determination to do well. A true superstar!


Peyton and Isabella - Blue 2 - For her excellent understanding and recording of mathematical vocabulary for addition and subtraction. She then went on to use this vocabulary to solve word problems 


Priya - Orange 1 - For amazing writing about the Naughty Bus. Priya tried hard to remember to use her capital letters and full stops.