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Head Teacher Awards Week Commencing 29th January 2024

Wow...what a great start to the week with the first Head Teachers Award by 9.10am:


Hector - Orange 2 - For a great reflection of our first Rainbow Value 'Respect and Acceptance'. Hector was able to tell Mrs Parnell and I that everyone needed to show 'Respect' in singing assemblies. He discussed how the adults and his friends deserved respect so that they could listen to the music and be able to sing well. 


Aniyah and Isaac - Green 1- For amazingly creative and committed homework. Both children created volcanoes from lego or paper mache and demonstrated the different levels and parts of a volcanic eruption. In addition, Isaac, plotted all the famous volcanoes on a globe and created a Geographical key to show the names and heights of the volcanic mountains. Very very impressive and shows the true dedication to learning and how to work co-operatively with parents at home. 


Olivia - Yellow 2 - For creating a defining frame all about the number 20 at home. Olivia did this as extra homework and was not asked. She also remembered all the features of the frame - well done!


Edward, Noah and Jaxson - Orange 1 - For their fantastic work using a categorising Thinking Frame to sort alternative spellings of 'igh'. They worked well independently and as part of a group and took turns well.


Erin and Toby - Orange 2 - For their amazing maps. They tried really hard to copy and draw the maps and they are so proud of themselves.