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Head Teacher Award Updates



Further Head Teachers’ Awards this week have been awarded to:


Alice – Blue 2 – For supporting another child in school when they were in a tricky situation. This showed bravery and confidence. I admire you for being there for a child, younger than yourself, when they needed a little bit of help. “There should be more Alice’s’ in the world,” said one parent 😊


Stanley – Yellow 1 – For his ‘Active Body and Active Mind’ this week in maths. He has been developing his understanding of 3D shapes with shape nets and also created an informative and well-drawn poster. Well done, Stanley


Jake – Yellow 1 – For ‘Overcoming his Obstacles’ with letter formations to develop well-formed and sized letters. He has also been developing his phonic knowledge to move up a book band. Well done on your excellent attitude towards learning, Jake.