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Football Update

It is truly fabulous to let you know of our football team’s win at the Kimberley Schools tournament this week. During what was already turning out to be a busy week for everyone, the team had their first fixture of the season. The boys were absolutely bursting to get going on the pitch.  It did seem such a long while since all had been able to play matches. Although I was not able to go myself, there was no one more excited than me when I heard the news that we had reached the final of the tournament. At this point, I had no news more than that. When one of my class appeared back at school and told me they had won (on penalties too) I was completely bowled over. Having now spoken to all who attended, it does sound like am amazing match where all boys showed great sportsmanship and team work. Thank you to everyone involved and Mr. Leyshon for arranging. I am looking forward to hearing more as the team progress to the next stage of the county championship.


Well done Greasley.


Mrs Parnell