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District sports update

District Sports! Go Greasley! 


An absolutely amazing effort by  everyone involved. Enthusiasm, determination and unfailing effort were uppermost in  everyone's mind yesterday afternoon. There  were many moments when tears were in the eyes of many adults in the stand. Thank you so much children. You were all fabulous. 


To top it all - we came second in the whole event. 


How many memorable performances were there? Way too many to count.

We have some photos (attached) . We will post some complete team photos when we have a chance to get one. This was not  possible at the event so we  have plans to take this on Friday. For this reason, can we ask that all t shirts are washed and back in school on Friday for this to happen.


Many thanks to all supporters and parents who were very vocal - as it should be. 


We are so so proud.

Go Greasley- you are ones to watch!


Mrs Parnell