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Deputy Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 28th April 2017

This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:

James – Year 4 – for super use of the purple pen in English to perfect and improve his work.

Wilf and Jessica will be spending the week with classes 3, 4 and 14 as they all achieved 100% attendance last week. Excellent!

Diary of the week:

Following the first ‘full’ week back at school, I can honestly say that the final term of the academic year has demonstrated already that the staff and children are working so hard. Everyone is determined to be the ‘best that they can be’ by the end of the year and it is great to see all the children making so much progress already.

The children are already engaged in their new topics and the learning for this term includes


Year group Topic
EYFS Traditional Tales
1 Land of the Living Things
2 Roald Dahl
3 Dinosaurs Galore
4 Books by David Walliams
5 World War 2
6 London



Helen Timson returned to work this week for two ‘Keeping In Touch’ days. It was fabulous to have her bright cheery smile back in school and making an impact already in the classes that she has supported. It was if she had never been away at all. She will be completing KIT days between now and half term and will be back as normal after the half term holiday on Wednesday 7th June (remember that Monday 5thand Tuesday 6th June are INSET days!)

Following a very positive governors meeting on Tuesday evening, which involved reviewing the School Improvement Plan for 2016-2017, we can already see that huge work has been implemented towards developing Teaching and Learning, the core areas of the curriculum and our assessment procedures. We are constantly striving to make things better at Greasley Beauvale Primary School and we have talked about the importance, and benefits, of pupil and parent voice. We talk to Pupil Parliament regularly, but if you think there is anything we could ever do better, then please let us know.

Gold Book was fabulous this week; there were so many positives to share with the school. It was fabulous to see Ravina, in year 4, not only achieve her Gold Book certificate, but also be awarded ‘Claude’ for her excellent French work over the last fortnight. In addition, Paige (in year 5) was in Gold Book whilst also being praised for her excellent results in her Grade 2 singing exam. She was awarded a ‘distinction’, but what was most impressive was her amazing 95% score. A real achievement and something she should be very proud of! Greasley Beauvale really does have some talent within it, which we love to embrace.

Next week is the final week for our year sixes before the SATs commence on Monday 8th May. It will be a busy week for everyone involved and we wish everyone all the luck for the last few days during their revision process. Everyone has worked so hard both within school and during after-school booster sessions. All we can ask now is that they do their best, try hard and shine like the stars that they are!

I hope that you all have a super weekend and that the sunshine comes out and the weather warms up a little after a chilly week. Remember that Monday is a bank holiday and we all return to school on Tuesday 2nd May for a four-day week.

Warm regards and enjoy some family time this weekend,

Mrs Michelle Bates
(Deputy Head Teacher)