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BEANO Winners!! Press release preparation

WOW...what an incredible day!! 


Indigo 1 are officially the funniest class 2023 nationally (and BEANO say so!) 


This news story is going to go into the media/press over the coming days and today was all about preparing for that. It was BRILLIANT!!


BEANO themselves were in school and the day included:


- Being awarded with the BEST trophy ever

- Receiving signed Gnasher medals by the illustrator of Minnie

- A certificate for the whole class awarded by the Beano gang

- A personal drawing of Minnie by the illustrator, Laura

- Having a class photo taken so that the illustrators and artist crew at Beano could draw the class as Beano characters 

- A joke-off (filmed for the media)

- Interviews with adults and children (filmed for the media)

- A photo shoot


It was great and there is much more to follow...


I can't wait to share more with you 


Mrs Bates :)