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Year 6 SATs Information

The DfE have published an exemplar of what the test papers ‘suggested ideas’ will look like in line with the new curriculum.
We published the Rainbow CoG (Curriculum of Greasley) at the end of July and it is much more challenging than the previous curriculum, with higher expectations earlier on in school!  I have copied the ‘suggested ideas’ into this link.  It will give you an idea as parents of what the children will be asked (although it does state that these are not actual questions).  What it will show you is how high the expectations are of our children.
Have a go at the Year 2 (Key stage 1) English, grammar, punctuation and spelling.  You can send me your scores if you like!  You might feel able to take on the Year 6  papers too!
We plan to have a curriculum parents event in the new year to talk about this in more detail.  We really have hit the ground running with the new curriculum and the children are doing just fine.