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Friday 29th March


What a fantastic end to the spring term we have had! We spent the day showing off our Viking longships to the rest of the school, completing maths related Easter challenges and watching How To Train Your Dragon. As if the day couldn't get any better, we had two assemblies! One where we got to see the fantastic effort the children in EYFS had put in to making their Easter bonnets; the other one receiving our Easter eggs!


Have a fantastic Easter break class 12. I'll see you all back on Monday 16th April ready to start your final term as year 5s!!


Friday 23rd March


Don't forget we are going to Hall Park on Wednesday 28th March. Children will need a packed lunch and a water bottle to take with them.


We had a brilliant end to the week with a Sport Relief rowing challenge in the hall! Well done to Beth for winning the Y5 challenge for the even team! 


Another busy week in class 12. We finished our learning in maths on fractions with a carousel activity in which the children put all of their skills to the test in teams. In English, we focused on our reading skills this week before finishing the week with an independent piece of writing. In science, we conducted our parachute investigation in the hall and the children wrote their findings in the style of a report. We continued with tag rugby this week and we ended the lesson with a mini game. The children will have a P.E. lesson on Tuesday afternoon and will then bring their kits home for the Easter break. 


Have a great weekend,

Miss Thompson


Friday 16th March


Don't forget to look at our photo page; there are lots of photos on there from the Viking Day, Parents' Afternoon and the longship homework project.

Thank you to all the parents that participated in the parents' afternoon on Thursday. The children had a great time and the art work produced looks fab - we can't wait to display it in the corridors!

In maths, we have continued with our fractions learning this week and I am so impressed with everyone's effort and determination! You are all super stars. We are now confidently adding and subtracting proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers. 

In English, we have been reminding ourselves of some literary devices and using them in our own writing. We have also been reminding ourselves how to use the possessive apostrophe, which is also this week's homework focus. 

As it has been science week, we have been doing all sorts of exciting lessons based on our current science topic 'Fantastic Forces'. We have learnt about Isaac Newton and he was the focus of our art work that will be put up on display. This afternoon, we finished the week with an experiment with three different types of parachute to see which was the most successful. 


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Thompson smiley



Friday 09th March


Due to snow days and having the Viking Day today, we have been unable to test the children on their spellings. We will do this first thing on Monday morning. 

What a busy week we have had in year 5! We started the week off with a bang on Monday with World Book Day, as you can see from the photo above, the children all looked fantastic. Thank you for your support in making this happen. 

In English, the children have begun to create their own dragon; they have started to produce some fantastic persuasive and descriptive pieces of writing! Next week, they will be retrieving information from their own writing in order to draw their dragon. 

In maths, we are continuing with our teaching block of fractions. Some of the children are finding it tricky, but we are getting there. This week we have been concentrating on adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators and then moved on to adding fractions with related denominators. Homework this week uses all the skills we have been using in class, to compare fractions using inequality symbols. 

The children started to design their own shield, which we plan to make next week. In P.E., we have started Tag Rugby and this week we focused on passing skills. 


Have a brilliant weekend,

Miss Thompson


Friday 02nd March




An unexpected short week! However, we have managed to cram in some super learning already. We have begun reading our new focus text, 'How To Train Your Dragon', and it is safe to say the children are loving it! In maths, we continued our work on fractions moving on to comparing and ordering proper improper fractions and mixed numbers.


I hope you are all having a great time in the snow and keeping safe and warm.


See you on Monday!

Miss Thompson 


Friday 16th February


Wow! What a brilliant way to end the half term! Thank you to everyone that came to our space themed parent event - the children were 'buzzing' and really enjoyed sharing their work with you.


There is no homework set over the half term holiday, but we have sent out a letter regarding the Viking longship project in case you wanted to get a head start. 


Have a well-deserved rest,

Miss Thompson 


Friday 09th February


Another busy week in school: KS1 movie night, KS2 movie night and we are still working really hard to get all of our things ready for the parent event next Thursday.


As the English homework is to revise the 50 word spellings, there will be no additional spelling homework this week.


In English the children have completed their persuasive adverts abut a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the moon! They are really proud of them and can't wait to share them with you next week. In maths we have finished our block on multiplication and division and have started fractions. We have begun by identifying equivalent fractions, with and without a fraction wall, and started to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. We have finished basketball in P.E. where I have seen a real improvement in the children's ability and confidence when playing competitive games. We have talked a lot about internet safety this week, as it was Safer Internet Day earlier in the week. We have discussed the dangers of the internet and the importance of an adult needing to be able to see what they are accessing. 


Have a super weekend, see you on Monday for a four day week!

Miss Thompson  


Friday 02nd February


February already and only two weeks left of the term!

It has been lovely to read your 'Lost in Space' acrostic poems for your homework this week. Some of you have put some fantastic effort into writing these and this really shows.

We are now well on our way to writing our persuasive advert about a hotel on the moon - you are loving it! We had great fun on Tuesday when we started to collect ideas for what excursions you might be able to take part in; moon buggy racing, trampolining and meet and alien were just some. 

You are all now pretty confident using short and long multiplication and have begun to crack using short division too (including with remainders). In science this week we discussed why we have night and day and some superb explanation texts were written with Oliver earning himself a headteacher's award - well done!

Work continues for the upcoming parent afternoon and we can't wait to share all of our work with you. 


Have a fab weekend, 

Miss Thompson


Friday 26th January


A jam packed week full of new and exciting learning. Your narratives are super and we can't wait to show them off at our parent afternoon. In maths we have been mastering short and long multiplication - most of you are beginning to get the hang of it. In science, we learnt about the geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system; we had fun trying to pronounce all of the scientists' names that went with each model! We continued with our fact files in topic and finished off our space art. 


Have a super weekend, 

Miss Thompson


Friday 19th January


A busy week full of exciting lessons preparing for our parent event. We have begun planning our first piece of writing in English and it is safe to say the children are loving it! They are producing some fantastic pieces of work in the style of Frank Cottrell Boyce. We have also learnt about the use of the dash for parenthesis and the perfect verb form.

In maths, we have finished area and perimeter and moved on to looking at short multiplication, which most of you have mastered.

You have created some brilliant solar system posters in science as well as beginning to research a specific planet in topic ready to write a fact file for the parent event.

Mrs Mck-Sav is really enjoying teaching you the DooD and I know you are all enjoying beginning to learn how to read the music and listen for the beat.  

What better way to finish off the week than with a solar system art lesson! I won't give away too many details or share any photos with you as that will ruin the wow factor for the parent event! 


Have a great weekend, 

Miss Thompson 


Friday 12th January


Back to school with a bang! A brilliant first week back class 12. You have been eager to learn and have really got 'stuck in' to our new book Cosmic. Most of you have become Mega Maths Masters in area and perimeter this week. In science you begun to think about how we can prove whether the Earth is flat or spherical - some great reasoning was taking place! In topic, we learnt about Neil Armstrong and started to think about the conspiracy theories behind the moon landing. 


See you Monday!

Miss Thompson