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Parent Voice

Parent Consultation February 2021

Free School Meals (FSM) Provision

A parent consultation was completed with Free School Families via ParentMail in the spring term.

72% of FSM families responded in full to the questions.



Overview of Feedback:

  • The parent voice gathered from the families who receive Free School Meals was really positive overall.
  • Parents and Carers feel that school communicate with them well about the systems in place.
  • They are happy with when and how they receive their supermarket vouchers.
  • The voucher system in place allows families to easily purchase items their child will eat, at a place they find convenient to shop.
  • Where an issue has arose for a FSM family it has been quickly rectified (only 2 issues reported).
  • Those families who have taken up the offer of a school packed lunch for home, on days when children are isolating or learning at home due to a bubble closure, were happy with the content.
  • The reasons that families did not take up the offer of a packed lunch for home have been reviewed and actions put in place to overcome barriers identified moving forwards.


Actions from Consultation:

  • Continue to use the voucher system in place, as is working well for FSM families and school.
  • Where FSM Children are offered a packed lunch for home (bubble closure/ isolation), they will be offered school made items (thanks to Steph and her kitchen team) rather than prepacked sandwiches and snacks. The school made items are preferred and eaten by more of the FSM children.
  • School are looking into how to best deliver packed lunches to the few families who are unable to collect, when FSM families are in isolation. 
  • The school team are more actively promoting the other wider range of resources that school can offer to families. This includes stationery packs, laptops and chrome book loans, codes for free WIFI hotspots, sanitary products, more frequent phone calls home to children and or parents, and additional learning resources such as Numicon,100 squares, dictionaries etc... 
  • FSM Parents and all staff have been notified of the consultation findings and actions.


The full FSM Parent Consultation document can be accessed below.