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Fundraising Thermometer Scale

Please see below our whole school fundraising thermometer scale (accurate as of the beginning of this week). Before the Euros picnic, we were sitting at £5,500, which was amazing. 


During the Euros picnic, we made a further £1,222.02. This was an incredible amount to raise in such a short amount of time and we are incredibly grateful. 


The fundraising thermometer will be increased next week to show that we have now raised nearly £7000!


We started our fundraising journey in March and only 3 months on, we have raised so much for the children with your continued support.  We thank Mr and Mrs Chapman (Steve's mum and dad) for a generous donation of a £1000 and to our sponsors Gew2 and Caunton Engineering.


I also whole-heartedly thank all the staff, who support with fundraising ideas and projects when we have no PTA in school currently.  If anyone is interested in starting, or joining, a PTA in school then please do get in touch with the school office. 


When we get to £10,000, we will be in touch with a poll of school suggestions for what to spend the money on. We intend for you and your children to then vote as to what we will buy to enhance the provision for the children in school.




A very pleased and proud, Mrs Bates :)