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Home Reading Books from 4 - 11

Progression in Home Reading Books
at Greasley Beauvale Primary School

The reading books that children take home from our school are carefully structured to match children’s learning at an instructional level. This means that every child should have a school reading book that they are 90% to 94% fluent in when reading aloud.

Teachers in the Foundation Stage and Year 1 hear children read their home reading at least once a week to ensure that their progression through the structure is well matched and progressing. TAs also hear children read their book and report back to the teacher.

Teachers in Year 2 to Year 6 hear children read their home reading book every half term or more frequently if their reading is not at the expected standard. TAs continue to hear these books being read weekly in Year 2 and report progress to the class teacher.

This is in addition to weekly Guided Reading sessions where children read more challenging texts under their teacher’s guidance.

Children in Foundation Stage to Year 2 receive daily phonics teaching using the systematic synthetic “Letters and Sounds” programme. All home reading books sent home in Early Years to Year 2 are matched to this programme. Every book comes with parent notes in the inside front and back covers support children’s reading practice at home.

Towards the end of Year 2, children move onto a carefully selected and purposefully grouped selection of “real” books. These are selected to maintain interest and a love of reading alongside a managed challenge right through to the end of Year 6.

Year Group Reading Programme Additional information
Autumn Foundation 2 Collins Big Cat Lilac Level * See below
Spring Foundation 2 Phase 2 Phonics Pink band Revised Autumn Year 1
Summer Foundation 2 Phase 3 Phonics Red band Revised Autumn Year 1
Autumn Year 1 Phase 4 Phonics Yellow band Revised throughout Year 1
Year 1 Phase 5 Phonics Blue band
Phase 5 Phonics Green band
Phase 5 Phonics Orange band
Revised Autumn Year 2
Year 2 Phase 5/6 Phonics Turquoise
Phase 6 Phonics Purple band
Revised Autumn Year 3
Summer Year 2 Independent band: Orange  
Year 3 Independent band: Yellow Oxford Reading Tree
Rapid Reading and Project X Code schemes are used where children are finding reading challenging. 
Year 4 Independent band: Green
Year 5 Independent band: Purple
Year 6 Independent band: Brown

* Collins Big Cat “Lilac Level” is used at the start of Foundation Stage 2. The books are wordless books that tell stories or give information through pictures and are designed to develop understanding about how stories and information books work. These are sent home in an instructional pack designed to foster families’ positive interaction with books as the cornerstone of parents supporting their children’s learning in Reading.