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Blended Learning Contingency

Each week we aim to share the maths and English lessons that can be completed at home should children be well but unable to attend school during the Covid-19 pandemic.


For children working at home, additional lessons will be sent via Class Dojo for other subjects on a daily basis.


It is a requirement that children view and attempt these lessons. Please submit children's completed work using the Class Dojo portfolio.

Blended learning work - week beginning 12th October



This is the final week on writing a newspaper report about Spiderman's heroics in apprehending the diner bandits! You can find equivalent lessons to what we're doing in school at the Oak Academy.


This week there will be 4 English lessons due to us having an art day on Thursday (Violet 2) or Friday (Violet 1)








Whole class reading


We are looking at a non-fiction book this week - 'Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History' by Vashti Harrison. You can find the PowerPoint and activities below.



The days of the week are linked to take you a video lesson from White Rose which match the learning we will be doing in school. Please find the activities for each day below too. 


This week there will be 4 maths lessons due to us having an art day on Thursday (Violet 2) or Friday (Violet 1)


Monday lesson - Long division (4)

Tuesday lesson - Factors

Wednesday lesson - Common factors

Thursday/Friday lesson - Common multiples


Monday activity - Long division (4)

Tuesday activity - Factors

Wednesday activity - Common factors

Thursday/Friday activity - Common multiples


Monday answers   

Tuesday answers                                         

Wednesday answers                                         

Thursday/Friday answers         


Morning Maths                                                                   

Wider Curriculum Areas


Below are links to online lessons or Powerpoints for our wider curriculum areas. These may be added to throughout the week.


RE - Community Care 


Music - To develop our understanding of irregular metre 


Science - What are nicotine and alcohol?


Activities on the half termly homework menu could also provide some blended learning opportunities. As could practising spellings for the year group (these can be found in the homework section or the Year Group page), developing speed and recall of times table and division facts on Times Table Rockstars or regular reading of reading books.