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The Governors would like parents and carers to have a better picture of what they do. After each meeting, they will update their blog here. Check back regularly to see what they have been discussing!


Tuesday 3rd October 2017


At the first Pupils and Personnel Committee meeting of the new school year, several policies were reviewed and approved. With a new leadership team in place the vision of the school moving forwards is a hot topic for discussion. The governors agreed with Mrs Bates that input from all stakeholders is important in developing the new vision and embedding it throughout school. Mrs Bates has embraced her new role as Head Teacher and the Governors are looking forward to supporting her and the school as a whole on the journey to outstanding. 


Tuesday 23rd May 2017


At the meeting of the Finance and General Purposes committee,  governors challenged if our benchmarking against other schools demonstrated value for money.  It was decided that the next exercise would focus on the impact on outcomes for pupils. The 2016/17 Governor Financial Statement and the 2017/18 budget were finalised and are ready to be submitted.  Due to the hard work of all staff involved the financial position of the school remains positive for September 2017.

Tuesday 25th April 2017

At this week’s meeting of the Strategic Committee, governors undertook their second stage monitoring of the school’s 2016-2017 plan for improvement. It was a good debate, which involved the school’s senior leaders. The plan is currently on track to meet its targets but until the data on pupils’ progress and achievement becomes available in July, we will not know whether all of the success criteria set at the beginning of the school year have been met. Currently, no parent, carer or grandparent has put any comment in the governor drop box in the entrance foyer – any comment, positive or an area for improvement, will be welcomed.

Tuesday 7th February 2017

The Pupils and Personnel committee met and had robust discussion around staffing and absence. The staff team was highly praised for pulling together and ensuring a recent sickness bug which swept through the school did not have a negative impact on teaching and learning! Pam Tulley had visited the pupil parliament and fed back to Governors how impressed she was with the group and their progressive ideas.
The meetings Mrs Chambers had held with parents regarding the Parental Partnership Descriptors were discussed. The events had good attendance, with some excellent and challenging questions asked. There was no negativity at either of the meetings and eight of the parents who attended agreed to an interview as part of Mrs Chambers' research.

Wednesday 7th December 2016


At last night’s meeting of the Strategic Committee (6 December) governors evaluated progress of their development plan for 2016 and identified draft priorities for the their 2017 development plan. Overall most that was set out for improvement had been achieved and three broad areas were identified for improvement in their work for 2017: ways of working in committees and reporting after visits to school; continuing to improve their understanding of pupils’, parents’ and staff views; planning for succession of key roles on the governing body; and identifying ways to improve links with the wider community to which the school belongs. Governors also considered Ofsted’s analysis of pupils’ progress and attainment at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 in 2016.

22nd November 2016

An excellent meeting of the Pupils and Personnel committee took place with some very insightful feedback from staff & governors on their respective visits to both the Parent Parliament & Pupil Parliament. The meeting culminated in a robust discussion into how to maximise the benefits of the pupil premium budget.

11th October 2016

At the meeting of the governors’ Strategic Committee on 11 October, governors set out a timetable for monitoring the School Improvement Plan for 2016-17 and made arrangements for the final evaluation of their own development plan for 2016. The committee looked at the proposed national arrangements for primary school accountability relating to the achievement and progress of pupils at the end of Key Stage 2 and reviewed the school’s assessment, monitoring and evaluation and special educational needs and disability policies.

26th April 2016

The Governors’ Pupils and Personnel Committee met on 26th April 2016. The staffing structure for September 2016 was discussed and agreed, as were INSET days for the next academic year. It was agreed that Kate Stevenson should be invited to the Autumn Term committee meeting, to feed back from Parent Parliament.

19th April 2016

At the Strategic Committee meeting on 19 April, governors thanked staff for the very positive report that followed a one-day visit by an inspector on behalf of the Local Authority The Head updated governors on the arrangements for this year’s SATs tests and progress with the School’s Improvement Plan was reviewed. Governors also approved a code of conduct for members of the school’s governing body.

29th March 2016

At our F&GP Committee meeting on 29th March 2016 we discussed in detail the budget for 2016/17 and what the staffing structure for September might look like. Recently we have also carried out a benchmarking exercise which enables us to compare Greasley Beauvale's financial income and expenditure alongside other similar school's and the results of this were also analysed. As governors we are always keen to ensure that money is spent wisely and properly which in turn will provide high quality teaching and learning.

2nd February 2016

At the Finance & General Purposes Committee on 2nd February the governors monitored the school's budget and the use of funds to ensure that the needs of all pupils were being met. Governors also reviewed the use of the school fund and were pleased to see that some of this money was being used to help support the cost of school trips. Governors also approved the funding for the school to apply for the primary school quality mark for science which will be used to raise attainment and support cross-curricular skills for science across the whole primary range.

5th January 2016

At the Strategic Committee on 5 January, governors began the process of formally monitoring the school’s plans for improvement. For each priority for improvement in 2015-2016, governors reviewed the evidence of progress to date and agreed that the plan was on target to reach its objectives by July 2016. Governors also formally approved the Governing Body’s own development plan for 2016. One of the areas for development is to continue with work that will strengthen the partnership between parents and governors. A range of activities were agreed to support this goal; if you have a contribution to make or any ideas about how to strengthen this partnership, please let our Chair of Governors, Louise Bramley know.

24th November 2015

The Strategic Committee considered a report which analysed in detail the children's achievements across all Key Stages including the very pleasing 2015 SAT's results. Updated policies were approved for Curriculum, Homework, Special Educational Needs and the school Website. Staff gave feedback from the parental questionnaire into homework the conclusions of which are being fed into the revised policy. Governors undertook a progress check on their own Development Plan and agreed draft priorities for 2015/16. The governors role in understanding both the pupil and parent voice in school was also discussed

24th November 2015

Governors discussed the current budget and looked at the initial forecast for next year. Governors asked that further details on the governor challenge fund allocation for individual classes within school be presented at the next meeting

Friday 20th November 2015

The Pupil and Personnel Governors met on 17th November and had productive discussions about several staff initiatives for personal and whole school development. They also approved minor changes to several school policies.

29th September 2015

At the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting a detailed discussion took place about ensuring that nursery provision best serves the needs of the children. The budget position was reviewed and governors considered purchasing more I-pads for the children to use. Ideas from Parent Parliament were also shared.

8th September 2015

At the meeting of the Strategic Committee on 8th September, governors and the school’s senior leadership team put the final touches to the school’s improvement plan for the next academic year. This plan sets out the school’s priorities for improvement in 2015 - 2016, the action that will be taken to achieve success with the plan and the criteria that will be used to evaluate its success. This team also agreed an evaluation of the school’s work assessed against OFSTED’s inspection criteria.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Pupils & Personnel Governors met to discuss the new staffing structure for September 2015.

Monday 27th April 2015

At the Pupils & Personnel meeting on 27th April governors discussed staffing, complaints, the results following the parent questionnaire and the new proposed Safeguarding checklist. Governors also agreed that they would introduce a Governor’s Award for children in the summer term. The Appraisal Policy and also the new Medicines Policy and Supporting children with medical conditions Policy was discussed and approved.

21st April 2015

At the meeting of the Strategic Committee on 21 April, governors reviewed the school’s vision statement taking account of the views of the parental focus group and those of staff and children. We also looked at children’s progress and attainment and discussed OFSTED’s data Dashboard analysis for our school (this can be found online if you would like to look at it for yourself – just Google: Dashboard Greasley Beauvale Primary and it should come up).


Tuesday 27th January 2015

The strategic meeting approved our new SEND (Special Educational Needs and Pupils with a Disability) Policy and agreed targets for our pupils in Years 2, 5 and 6. Progress in implementing the school's own improvement plan was discussed and we as governors examined our own development needs and agreed our next steps for governor training. A parent questionnaire seeking views about the school will be sent out next week to inform our ongoing self-evaluation.

Monday 19th January 2015

Pupil & Personnel Governors were joined on Monday by members of our Pupil Parliament who gave an update of all they have been doing in school, like their help towards the Shoebox Appeal before Christmas and introducing fruit for sale at playtimes 3 days a week. Governors discussed staffing and pupil numbers as well as pupil attendance.


Tuesday 13th January 2015

At our F&GP meeting we continued to monitor the school budget for 2014/15 and updated the SFVS (Schools Financial Value Standard). This is a document which assists the school in managing its finances and gives assurance that we have secure financial management in place. Governors also reviewed the use of the school fund which currently has healthy balances and we are particularly keen to see some of this money used to support the cost of school trips.

Tuesday 21st October 2014

At last night’s meeting of the Strategic Committee, governors’ focus was on checking how well the school is doing across all aspects of its work. The main focus, as ever, was on how well children are doing both in class and the wider life of the school. The school’s improvement plan was formally approved and governors began the process of checking on their own work, as measured against their own development plan. After half term all parents will receive a questionnaire so that their views on the school and its work can be analysed and added to the school’s ongoing evaluation of its work.

Monday 13th October 2014

Pupils & Personnel Governors discussed Mr Gray’s Secondment and the impact it is having on the rest of the school. The new staff appraisals were discussed and approved. Governors also agreed to make no changes to the school holidays for 2015-2016. Pupil Admission numbers were discussed again and will go to the Full Governing Body meeting in November.


Monday 30th June 2014

Pupils & Personnel Committee met and a discussion took place regarding School Holidays for 2015-2016 and whether parents would like to change them in certain ways, giving feedback from the recent questionnaires.The staffing structure for September was also discussed and the PAN – Pupil Admission Number – this will be moved onto the next meeting in October.


Tuesday 29th April 2014

Governors discussed the possibility of setting school holidays independently of Nottinghamshire for 2015-16. Staffing issues for September was also discussed and whether a parental responsibility policy is needed in school. These items will go forward onto the agenda of the next meeting.


Tuesday 1st April 2014

Strategic Governors met to discuss the School Improvement Plan (SIP). A lengthy discussion regarding the self-evaluation took place between senior staff and governors.

Monday 10th March 2014

The Pupils & Personnel Committee had an additional meeting to discuss the
Staffing Structure for September 2014.
A lengthy and full discussion was held regarding staff and their roles, and
the possibilities of what the future structure could look like.

Tuesday 4th February 2014

At the Strategic Committee on 4 February, governors discussed the school's progress following its Ofsted Inspection in November and made arrangements to evaluate progress through its improvement plan; this evaluation will take place at the next meeting on 1 April. The school's updated marking policy was approved and a report on the achievement of pupils who receive targeted government funding through the mechanism called the pupil premium was received and discussed. The governors' own development plan was monitored and future discussion will focus on the impact governors' work has on pupils' achievement.

Tuesday 21st January 2014

At the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting we reviewed the budget and staffing structure for 2013/14 and began to look at what the school's budget might look like for 2014/15.
we also approved the SFVS document (Schools Financial Value Standard) which ensures that the school has effective financial management procedures in place. It also ensures that money is spent wisely and properly, and allows the school to optimise its resources to provide high-quality teaching and learning and so raise standards and attainment for all pupils. The school's finance policy was also updated in line with County Council recommendations.

Monday 20th January 2014

The Pupils & Personnel Committee meeting took place on Monday evening, 20th January 2014.
Governors approved the new Appraisal Policy which has been adopted from the local authority. Also discussed were staffing issues and the forthcoming Strike action due on the 27th February. The Primary Minister and his Deputy from our Pupil Parliament joined the meeting to update governors on the issues they have raised, like healthy eating and the tuck shop.

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

The Pupils & Personnel Committee had an additional meeting to discuss the new
Nottinghamshire School Pay Policy, Disciplinary (Capability) Procedure and
A full discussion was held regarding these policies and were accepted by the committee.

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Last night's meeting of the Strategic Committe had a really busy agenda. Governors discussed the school's draft improvement plan for this academic year and had a really good discussion. We also looked in depth at the school's self-evaluation summary - an excellent document, which sums up what the school does well and areas it has identified for further development.

Monday 30th September 2013

The Pupils & Personnel Committee was chaired by John Timby, Chair of Governors in the absence of Stephen Rowley. Amongst the items discussed were Early Help and Pupil Premium Policies/Statements.
DC informed governors of the new Inclusion Team. A full discussion was held regarding requests for holidays in term time and some of the problems that arise. Also under discussion were safeguarding issues and policies, because of this a sub-committee was formed and a date was fixed to meet and discuss.

Tuesday 9th July 2013

At the Strategic Meeting we agreed a new policy for homework which can be viewed on the policy section of our website and had a preliminary discussion about girls' involvement in sport and after-school clubs. Any views or feedback you might have on this would be really welcomed - Louise Bramley (parent governor) is leading a small group looking at girls' involvement in sport and she would be pleased to hear from you (send emails to the school office for the attention of Louise or Clare in the office can arrange for you to meet Louise).

Governors also discussed the outcomes of the E-safety survey of Y6, which were given very serious consideration; the school will be offering a workshop for parents on E-safety in the new academic year.

Tuesday 25th June

Full Governing Body Meeting
The last full meeting of the school year was well attended and the chair welcomed new member Mrs Donna Kemp and also Mr Richard Wood who joined us earlier in the year but was attending his first Full Governing Body Meeting.
Agenda items included reports from all the committee meetings listed below, approval of school budget, appointments of governors to appraise the work of the Head Teacher, approval of various policies and ratification of the head teacher's secondment to MASH, (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub).
In the Head Teacher's report, Mrs Chambers detailed the continued success in various aspects of the school curriculum which reflected the hard work carried out by all members of the school teaching staff. It was also noted that links between governors, school teaching and administration staff were very good and improving all the time.
The chair acknowledged the hard work and commitment of the governing body and stated that though there is still some improvements to be implemented, the signs are very encouraging for the continued success of the school.
John Timby - Chair of Governors

10th June 2013

The Pupils and Personnel Committee held a long discussion about the changes to the law regarding term time holidays. Parent, staff and legal viewpoints were debated fairly by their representative members.

14th May 2013

At this meeting of the Finance Committee we agreed the school budget for 2013/14 which will allow for changes to the staffing structure from September and also includes funds to provide an outdoor shaded classroom. We also agreed to use school funds to contribute towards the whole school trip to Twin Lakes, which will reduce the amount required from parents/carers. Next term we will be looking at whether it is possible to let some of the school's facilities when we are not using them, particularly the community room.
The Governors

16th March 2013

At the meeting of the Strategic Committee on Tuesday 16 April governors discussed and approved a new policy on teaching and learning, the new policy clearly reflects the changing leadership structure in school. A lengthy and interesting discussion on the school’s approach to homework took account of views expressed by parents in the recent survey. A new draft homework policy will be considered by the committee in July.

The Governors

19th March 2013

At our Finance Committee meeting last Thursday the main focus was the budget and planning for the next financial year. We did however make an exciting decision to allow the go ahead for a whole school trip in the Summer term, so watch this space for more details!
The Governors


5th March 2013


There was a full attendance of school governors at this meeting and we were pleased to welcome and appoint to our ranks a new community governor, Mr Nick Thorpe of Newthorpe.

Items covered by the agenda included a very positive and forward looking Head Teacher's report, policy checklists, reports from sub-commttees, staffing structure approval, governor training requirements and link governor reports about their individual visits to the school.

The scope of work covered by this agenda is an indication of the progressive attitude of the school staff and the governing body. Though there will always be a heavy and demanding workload, we can be confident that there is a bright future outlook for the school.
John Timby - Chair of Governors

4th March 2013

An interesting discussion on future staffing appointments.
The Governors.


15th February 2013


At the Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday we had a serious look at what resources are available to the school. An in depth discussion took place about the budget and we looked particularly at staffing and the possibility of investing money into the purchase of further ICT equipment. The final decision on these matters will however be a full Governing body decision.

The Governors.


January 30th 2013

At last night's Strategic Committee meeting we had a lively and detailed discussion about the design of a questionnaire to be sent to all parents to gather their views about the school. Views about homework were touched on in this discussion and it will be included on the agenda for our next meeting in April. The questionnaire will be sent to all parents later this term.

The governors.


January 30th 2013

My first Strategic Committee meeting went well. It was very interesting, and quite good fun to be honest! As most of the Pupil and Personnel Meetings are held in the daytime, I have decided I'd like to become a member of the Strategic Committee which are usually held once a quarter in the evenings.

Jo Hemstock – New Parent Governor